J.K. Rowling on creative imagination

J.K. Rowling spoke in her Harvard Commencement Address (2008) about the power of our imagination in creativity and innovation, and for understanding other people’s challenges.

She worked for a time for Amnesty International, and says she used some of that experience in creating her ‘Harry Potter’ books.

J.K.Rowling-in-cafeClearly, she has used her rich and vivid creative imagination to the benefit and pleasure of millions of us.

One of psychologist C.G. Jung‘s concepts is “active imagination.” Jungian analyst John Beebe comments about it being “a kind of dialogue between conscious and unconscious.”

Creative and highly talented people often have imaginational intensity – an ability tapped into by Rowling and so many other artists.

But we can also use our imagination to fuel anxieties and phobias, and hold us back from pursuing dreams. The idea is to make positive use of our ability to imagine.

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  1. Thanks for making that last point- the clip would have been incomplete and I would have been unsatisfied without it. I see a grand imagination as both a blessing and a curse, so I’m glad that you touched on both sides of the issue.

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