Self-limiting beliefs and business success

Excerpted from article Marketing Strategies: 7 Tips to Creating Success From the “Inside Out” By Maya Bailey, Ph.D. :

Richard Branson“Why do most business owners fail to achieve their dreams and reach their financial goals? Is it a lack of motivation, a lack of drive or a lack of business know how?

“In my 12 years of coaching business owners to double and triple their incomes, I have found that none of the above is the reason they fail. Instead, it is the presence of self-limiting beliefs, many of which are hidden, that stop business owners in their tracks.”

Photo: “I have fun running the Virgin businesses, so a setback is never a bad experience, just a learning curve.” Richard Branson

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  1. Things change, your up then down then your flat! Use this simple method to increase your belief in yourself and in your ability to create your business.

    When you have confidence, it bolsters your mental resilience. Reflect on your past successes, and list your top five business or personal achievements.

    Keep the list nearby to read when you need a boost. Don’t forget to update it along the way!

  2. To remove limiting beliefs you can reframe the belief. Reframing is changing the way you perceive a belief and by doing so you change the meaning. When the meaning changes, the response and behavior changes. I find that one way of removing limiting beliefs is by using the six-step technique developed by John Grinder, the co-founder of NLP. It involves:

    1. Identifying the context where the unwanted behavior pattern occurred,
    2. Establishing unconscious yes/no signals,
    3. Confirming that the behavior has a positive intent,
    4. Finding a number of ways of fulfilling the positive intent,
    5. Selecting the best of the possible alternatives generated in step 4,
    6. Checking that the selection is ecological, that is, it is acceptable to the individual and in relationships to others.

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