Psychic Ability, Sensitivity, Creativity

I don’t have any particular psychic ability, but am fascinated by it, and appreciate the more sympathetic depictions in movies such as “Hereafter” directed by Clint Eastwood, starring Cécile De France and Matt Damon as a professional psychic.

It’s a word that has a wide range of associations, including some pretty negative or dismissive ones.

Many people connect “psychic” with storefront charlatans and stage performers. The Wikipedia page defines a psychic, also called a sensitive, as a person “who professes an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses.”

In our interview, Judith Orloff, MD noted she had psychic abilities at an early age, but her family did not encourage her to develop them. She is now integrating those talents with traditional medicine, and is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA, has a private practice, and leads workshops on intuitive ability and healing.

She thinks psychic ability can be used for life enhancement, and agrees with a quote of Jean Houston (from our interview) that “a lot of giftedness, though by no means all, has to do with having a broader palette of perceptual capacity, being highly sensitive to all the senses.”

But Dr. Orloff thinks “it goes beyond the senses, as we know it. It’s our ability to intuit the mystery. And it’s through our capacity to intuit the mystery that we know cosmic truths about ourselves. And it’s exactly the same thing as creativity.”

Continued: Psychic Ability and Creativity: Going Beyond the Senses.

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“Many more people are highly sensitive than realize it. Besides being empaths, HSPs are gifted in many ways.

“They write, play music, engage in practicing the healing arts, paint, sculpt and so much more. Inherently creative with a knack for seeing what others can’t… Being HSP is not a curse, burden or life sentence to being out-of-synch with the world.”

From article What Everyone Needs to Know About Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), By Sarah Dolliver.


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