Solitude to grow an extraordinary life

Ani DiFrancoAni DiFranco produced her album “Educated Guess” entirely on her own, as well as playing all the instruments herself.

[Q: Your approach, your energy on the current tour and on the new album seem different. Why is that?]

Ani DiFranco: The difference is solitude. I have it in my life now, and I didn’t for years, at all. But there’s been a lot of changes so now I’m alone on stage, it’s been like a year and a half, and I’m alone in my dressing room and I’m alone in my home. And there’s just a lot less people around. So it allows for more contemplation.” [Assoc. Press/ February 18, 2004]

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD says the idea that aloneness equates to loneliness is a distorted idea of American society. “In many other cultures, silence and solitude are accepted and built into the days,” she says.

“We all need time to hear ourselves.”

[O, The Oprah Magazine, Dec 2004]

In his article Seven Simple Exercises to Invite the Extraordinary Life, Guy Finley says “The Extraordinary Life visits individuals, not groups or organizations. It strengthens the soul willing to be alone for its sake.

“Keep your distance from people who insist that you believe as they do, who hope to convince you that the reality they have satisfied themselves with should satisfy you as well.”

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Solitude and creative expression


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