Guillermo del Toro on the power of fairytales

Pan's Labyrinth “When you have the intuition that there is something which is there, but out of the reach of your physical world, art and religion are the only means to get to it.”

Guillermo del Toro – Director and Screenwriter of “Pan’s Labyrinth” [quote from]

On a recent Tavis Smiley Show, he elaborated on developing the movie:

“I’m an ex-Catholic. And when I was a kid, I would go Sunday church, and I would be mostly interested in the parables of the bible. They really took me. And it’s not so much disclosing a parable as it is bringing it forth as a point of discussion.

“I don’t have a point that I need to drive in, but I do show the different destinies of characters that are confronted with a choice in the movie. And those that choose to obey, and those that choose to disobey. And contrary to the classical fairytale, I’m in favor of disobedience.

“Fairy tales were created not only to entertain, but they addressed spiritual subjects for me. Not to any canon or religion, just what it is to be human. They made manifest troubles that happen inside the soul of the human being.”

[Tavis Smiley Show KCET tv, Jan 11 2007, transcript]

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