The mind’s potential – Josh Waitzkin: The Art of Learning

Josh WaitzkinJosh Waitzkin was a National Chess Champion as a boy, and the subject of the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer.

He writes in his new book The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance about finding at a young age that “there is something profoundly hollow about the nature of fame. I had spent my life devoted to artistic growth and was used to the sweaty-palmed sense of contentment one gets after many hours of intense reflection. This peaceful feeling had nothing to do with external adulation, and I yearned for a return to that innocent, fertile time.”

At eighteen, he discovered the Tao Te Ching, began intense training in Tai Chi, and is now a martial arts champion.

“My fascination with consciousness, study of chess and Tai Chi, love for literature and the ocean, for meditation and philosophy, all coalesced around the theme of tapping into the mind’s potential via complete immersion into one and all activities. My growth became defined by barrierlessness.”

Continued in article The Art of Learning: In Pursuit of Excellence, which includes an ABC News video interview with Waitzkin.

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