The King’s Speech, identity and personal growth

Who we think we are – or are not – so often impacts what we consider possible for us and what we actually do with our talents and creative passions.

Director  Jane Campion earlier in her life commented, “I never have had the confidence to approach filmmaking straight on. I just thought it was something done by geniuses, and I was very clear that I wasn’t one of those.”

Another example: Natalie Portman once admitted, “Sometimes I get scared that I’m not a creative person, because it seems creative people are really flaky.”

[From my post Building self esteem and identity – what we tell ourselves about ourselves.]

Guillaume Wolf (Founder of Wolf Creative Research) writes about the movie ‘The King’s Speech’ with its story of George (a.k.a. Bertie, played by Colin Firth), who becomes King George VI, but suffers from a stammer and seeks the help of “an unorthodox speech therapist (played by Geoffrey Rush) with whom he slowly develops a friendship.”

Wolf adds, “In this movie there are many scenes when Bertie resists the speech therapist’s efforts – arguing that he can’t be cured of his stammer because that’s what he has always known.

“This raises the powerful question of where our identity lies. Is our identity the result of past events? Or is it something that’s being recreated everyday through our actions? In other words: are you the result of the past – or are you creating yourself in the present? …

“In the last two decades, research as shown that the brain never stops changing and evolving.”

Continued in his article Creative Identity and the Ugly Duckling.

Beliefs are a key element in our identity and capacity for change and growth.

Morty Lefkoe has developed a program for eliminating self-limiting beliefs, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences notes that he “made a series of discoveries that allowed him to help people make permanent changes in their emotions and behavior.”

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You can eliminate at least one of your limiting self-esteem beliefs using The Lefkoe Method at ReCreate Your Life.

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