Guided Imagery and Emotional Health

“Raking in a zen garden is one form of relaxation, but visual guided imagery is a specialized form of meditation that teaches a patient to focus on their breath and different muscle groups.

“Even learning for a short period of time could teach you how to reduce stress, reduce anxiety in different situations,” said clinical psychologist Dr. Susan Harden.”

See more quotes and video from ABC-TV report: “Study shows meditation is powerful medicine to conquer fears” – and video about guided imagery and biofeedback program developed by Doctors Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish and Andrew Weil, in the post Relaxing Rhythms Guided Training Program.

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Therapist Leslie Davenport on guided imagery :

“I don’t recognize myself: My body doesn’t feel the same at all…Everything has been hijacked: my vitality, my spiritual beliefs…I have no idea who I am anymore. And I’m terrified.” — Daniel

Daniel’s story is familiar to me. Having offered psychotherapy with guided imagery to hundreds of patients with severe illness and injury, I have seen how multiple losses—physical, spiritual, and psychological—stemming from a health crisis deconstruct a core sense of self, leaving them feeling like a stranger in a strange land.

Guided imagery, which incorporates relaxation training, is a natural, meditative process that reliably offers direct access to inner strengths and clarity of mind.

Continued in article Guided Imagery and Psychotherapy in Medicine, by Leslie Davenport, MS, MFT.

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