Business Creativity and Innovation – Always Positive?

“Everything you do as an entrepreneur, whether it’s writing, speaking, coming up with innovative ideas, etc… is sourced from your creativity.”

Entrepreneur and coach Katie Freiling – from post (with video) A Powerful Strategy To Unleash Your Creative Genius.

Business may thrive on innovation, but there is also research indicating that leaders should not be “too” creative.

In a Success Magazine article, creative-thinking expert Michael Gelb comments, “Thomas Edison is the best example for those who wish to nurture the spirit of innovation in an organization.”

But creativity and innovation consultant Linda Naiman notes, “A recent study warns leaders not to be too creative. Unless you have plenty of charisma to complement your creativity, thinking outside the box could keep you out of top management.”

Continued in post: Creativity and Innovation in Business.

Originally posted 2011-06-16 12:58:37.

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