Ciarán Hinds on egos and acting

Ciaran Hinds in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy-200Ciarán Hinds refers to working with another actor in the past: “This actress was very good, very young, but totally demanding. It was all about ‘me, me, me’.

“When you find somebody who doesn’t give and take, you go, ‘Remind me never to work with you again.'”

‘Hinds prefers the unimpressed attitude of an armourer who once came up to him on the set of one of his sword-and-sandal epics.’

Hinds recalls, “He said, ‘Do you know what we call you guys? Talking props.’ That made me laugh so much. Bring on the talking props. That’s what we are. There’s a bit more to it. But sometimes not that much more.”

From article “Playing hard-boiled, flawed Langton,” by Jasper Rees,

Photo: Ciarán Hinds [keer-awn hyndz] in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

Ego and creativity

Gillian Anderson at WonderCon in February 2008.

Gillian Anderson at WonderCon in February 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Responding to the question: “What kills creativity?” – actress Gillian Anderson replied succinctly, “Ego.”

One sense of this word “ego” is a distorted self-regard, what psychologist Carl Jung referred to as “inflated consciousness… hypnotized by itself.”

Many people recognize the need to modulate this kind of ego in order to facilitate the creative process.

– From my article Ego and Creativity.


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