Rodríguez: Hidden Genius

Many gifted writers, actors, designers, entrepreneurs and other talented people achieve a lot, make notable contributions to the world, and gain recognition.

But much larger numbers are not acknowledged by others, or even themselves.

Author Marylou Kelly Streznewski writes, “Overall, I have concluded that there are large numbers of frustrated gifted adults, who can be located by anyone who knows what to look for, who do not find outlets for their potential…I am well aware of the school of thinking which designates adults as gifted only if they have achieved something called eminence. I find many difficulties in accepting such thinking.”

Rodriguez-200Musician Rodríguez

“Sixto Díaz Rodríguez (also known as Rodríguez or as Jesús Rodríguez; born July 10, 1942) is an American folk musician. His career initially proved short-lived with two albums in the early 1970s and some brief touring in Australia.

“Unknown to him however, his work proved extremely successful and influential in South Africa, although he was mistakenly rumored in that country to be dead by suicide.

“In the 1990s, determined South African fans managed to seek out and contact him, leading to an unexpected revival of his musical career. Their story is told in the 2012 documentary, Searching for Sugar Man, which has also helped give Rodríguez a measure of fame in his native country.” [Wikipedia]

English: Marion Cotillard during the Paris pre...

Marion Cotillard

“It really moved me. It was crazy. I saw the premiere in Paris. Rodríguez came and gave a special show. The story is amazing — this guy who’s a genius and he was a hidden genius for his whole life…It’s one of the greatest adventures, greatest journeys.

“I cried like a baby for two hours. It’s so moving. It’s one of the most beautiful documentaries I’ve ever seen.”

Actor Marion Cotillard. [Los Angeles Times, The Envelope, Dec 27, 2012.]

Searching for Sugar Man [DVD]

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