Is a rare and special ‘artistic’ talent required?

Drawing on the Artist Within book

Author Betty Edwards asks, “Why do we assume that a rare and special ‘artistic’ talent is required for drawing? We don’t make that assumption about other kinds of abilities.

“If you can catch a baseball, thread a needle, or hold a pencil and write your name, you can learn to draw skillfully, artistically, and creatively.”

From her book Drawing on the Artist Within.

Quoted in the section “You Have to be an Artist to be Creative, and Other Myths”
in my book “The Creative Mind: Identity and Confidence”
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Kiss of the MuseAuthor David Burkus points out, “We tend to think about creativity in terms that are reminiscent of the ancient muses.

“We talk about being divinely inspired or have flashes of insight, like creativity is only open to a lucky few.

“The truth is that we are all able to be creative on demand and improve our capacity to develop novel, useful ideas that will keep ourselves and our organizations competitive.”

David Burkus is author of the book The Myths of Creativity.

From page: The Creativity Conference with David Burkus.


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