What You See Is What You Believe

By Adam Mortimer

How many things in your life, right now, could you be blind to because of a poor mentality?

Discovering this truth truly unlocks the keys to personal success.

The question then becomes, how can I actively cultivate the correct beliefs that will allow me to see the opportunities that I may be blind to?

The story of the man who found an extra 4000 dollars a month illustrates this quite beautifully.

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Originally posted 2013-03-27 10:35:31.

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  1. Believing is a practiced virtue…a quality or skill that is acquired and refined by use again and again, in context, for a purpose, and in ways that encourage trust. Believing doesn’t just happen: We have SEE, SAY and WRITE DOWN what we believe in order to program the subconscious computer of our mind–so our beliefs become second nature to our thoughts and actions.

    Take worry, for example. Optimists are right, and so are pessimists: It’s up to us to choose which we will be! While humorists say worry is the darkroom in which negatives develop, the religious believe faith ends where worry begins, and worry ends where faith begins. Pragmatists ask: Can you recall what you worried about a few months ago? Remember the things we were worried about a year ago? Didn’t most of those things turn out all right? What we thought before has led to every choice we made, and this adds up to us at this moment. If we want to change who we are physically, mentally, and spiritually, we can change how and what we think.

    Here are some things to start you thinking more positively and more prosperously:
    1) Peace of mind (freedom from fear, guilt and anger; 2) Health and energy; 3) Loving relationships; 4) Financial freedom; 5) Personal and professional fulfillment; 6) Worthy goals and ideals; and 7) May God give you TWICE what you wish for others.

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