Changing your career

By Emma Carey

Escape from Cubicle NationDo you feel stale, depressed and dread every Monday morning?

You’re not alone. This feeling is only too common for a great many people who have found themselves stuck in a job for which they have little passion or enthusiasm and which they feel is slowly sucking the life out of them.

The good news is though that it really is never too late to retrain and do something you truly enjoy and which fulfills you.

Life is all about making the most of every minute, so why spend it doing something you hate or which makes you miserable?

If you’re not sure what career path you should be in, but only know you’re in the wrong one, speaking to someone can help you pinpoint just what it is you could be doing with life instead. Tarot readers can be helpful when it comes to a more spiritual approach to finding your true vocation, as can psychic professionals.

For some people, however, simply speaking to a friend or loved one can be enough to help them figure out the new path they want their life to take.

Changing career midway through life can seem daunting, but lots of people do it. The secret to making it a success is to research, plan and talk to those who will be affected, namely, your close family.

Will the career change require training and therefore a drop in income and how will you manage this? Discuss and plan ways in which you can budget in order to make your ambition a reality.

A tried and tested method for getting into a new career is to undertake voluntary work to build up your experience in that particular industry.

If you can volunteer alongside your current job – perfect. This will allow you to keep earning and also give you immediate gratification as you’ll be doing the thing you really want to do.

Good luck!


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