Be more creative – Part 2

Articles and other resources for helping you gain new perspectives and be more creative: ideas for enhancing creativity and innovation.


magic-MikeDillonThe Secret to Creativity: Mike Dillon at TEDxEastsidePrep

“Creativity is not some sort of rare magic, it’s actually an infinite resource – and it’s kinda like a virus.”

“Mike Dillon’s background spans over three decades of experience in custom design and fabrication, including nearly five years at Disney as an Imagineer.


Need a Creativity Jolt? Drop by a Modern Art Show

By Lawrence E. McCullough

Synopsis: 8 Imagination Boosters I got from SCOPE New York 2013

WHAT’S TRULY WONDERFUL about so much of today’s visual Art is that it engages every sense, not just what you see (or think you see).

Next time you’re caught in a creative dry spell, spend a while wandering through a Contemporary Art show and have a universe of new ideas rain down on your parched psyche.


How To Be Creative When Your Brain Doesn’t Want To Play

Here are 12 proven ways to be creative when your brain doesn’t want to come out and play. To be creative, you need to start looking at where worlds collide….

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