Directing our feelings and thinking to be more creative

Emotional Intelligence in Everyday LifeDo you remember how much you felt and thought as a child? Probably a lot, especially if you were gifted and creative.

As an adult, we may have learned to cover up or set aside much of our inner life, in order to get along with others and do our jobs.

But if we want to be more fully alive and creative, it can really help to understand and stay in charge of our thinking and feelings.

“I am the kind of person that feels so much that if I didn’t have acting (and music), I would burst from all of the emotion inside!”  – Actor Gloria Reuben

“I don’t like emotions… For some reason I’m more comfortable in imaginary circumstances.” – Actor William H. Macy

“The ability to self-regulate provides an all-access pass for traveling the internal world, allowing the artist to mine for the gems that can be found there  . . . without losing touch with the light of day.” Cheryl Arutt, Psy.D.

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