Talent Development Resources [or TalentDevelop] is a series of related sites including the main site (where you are now) – plus a family of related sites: The Creative Mind; Women and Talent; Depression and Creativity; High Ability; Highly Sensitive; The Inner Actor; The Inner Writer, and others — including the product- and program-oriented sites The Inner Entrepreneur, Anxiety Relief Solutions and Personal Growth Information.

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All these sites have been created and edited by me, Douglas Eby – Resume || Contact.

The main site started out as a project of my graduate studies in psychology, and personal research to better understand my own social, emotional, personal development and achievement challenges – and to publish articles and other material that might help other people as well.

[One of my resource pages is Therapists/Coaches.

Some of the kinds of questions I was exploring when I began the site (more than 15 years ago) continue to interest and challenge me.

And, of course, other people – I appreciate the many responses to my posts on these and other topics:

Why did I feel and think so differently from mainstream culture?

Why haven’t I ever “settled down” into a specific career?

Why am I so sensitive to outer sensations and my own inner world?

Why have I been so self-critical?

What makes me and so many creative people vulnerable to dark moods like depression and anxiety and other mental health challenges?

How can I increase my satisfaction and emotional reward from what I am doing with my life?

What do researches say about enhancing creative expression?

There are many areas of psychology and other fields which I continue to explore related to those questions – such as, positive psychology and happiness research, high sensitivity, mood and creativity, creative motivation, being an entrepreneur, self concept and achievement – and other topics.

My associate editor and I include references to research and commentary that hopefully will be meaningful for you, as it is for us.

One of the main motivations we have is to provide content that will have value for your own self-understanding, career development and personal growth.

So, the basic site purpose is providing information and inspiration to enhance creative expression and personal development; exploring the psychology of creativity and personal growth, and better understanding how to realize our multiple talents and be more aware of barriers that get in our way.


Site creator / editor: Douglas Eby, M.A./Psychology, is a writer and researcher on the psychology of creative expression and personal growth.

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Previous associate editor:

Cat Robson.

Also see articles by Cat Robson.

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The site is supported by commissions from a variety of affiliated sites which provide books, workshops, personal development and anxiety relief programs.

There is no additional cost for you when you follow a link from this site and end up making a purchase.

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The site is designed to help explore multiple creative talents, to better understand the barriers that can keep us from realizing those abilities, and provide a variety of tools that can enhance personal development.

The concept of “talent development” is one I have borrowed loosely from both academic (high school, college) programs that are designed to help gifted and talented students develop their cognitive and creative abilities, and, to a lesser extent, from corporate programs oriented toward helping adults develop themselves more fully.

Jim RohnBusiness philosopher and personal development leader Jim Rohn has said, “You cannot believe what it does to the human spirit to maximize your human potential and stretch yourself to the limit.”

The materials on the site can help you do that, with hundreds of articles, books and programs by leading experts in the psychology of creativity and personal growth.

Two main listings of these self improvement materials are:

Personal growth articles & resources

Personal growth products/programs

There are many pages on specific talents (acting, writing, design, photography and others) – with an emphasis on quotes and articles related to the inner, personal aspects of those talents. This is not “how to play guitar” material.

Many products and programs in various sections have been selected to help you become more completely your authentic self, and to more fully realize your talents and abilities by exploring those inner aspects.

There are pages on topics such as self-esteem, depression, anxiety, self-criticism, perfectionism and other issues that can limit many talented people.

There are also many pages and articles on Positive Psychology, and exploring meaning and purpose.

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Jack Canfield says, “You have inside you a core genius — some one thing that you love to do and do so well that you hardly feel like charging people for it. It’s effortless for you and a whole lot of fun.”

Hopefully, the site can help you find and release that genius – and have fun in exploring.


More about the history and development of the site :

Talent Development Resources has grown out of my interests and research in creativity, personal development and positive psychology, and an appreciation of actors, writers, photographers and other artists with exceptional ability.

The site is designed to help explore some of the key psychological and social issues that affect people with multiple talents – and to provide information and inspiration to enhance achievement and creative expression, and help develop a more authentic and expressive life.

The site has more than 1300 pages of quotes, articles, interviews, book titles and excerpts, personal development programs, coaching sites and other material.

Areas of particular interest for me are gifted women and teens/young adults – hence the sections Women and Talent and Teen/Young Adult Talent – and psychological topics aspects of High Ability and being Highly Sensitive.

With my appreciation for so many highly talented people drawn to the arts, there are a number of pages on filmmaking, writing, acting, directing, screenwriting and related areas.

There are also related sections: The Inner Actor, and The Inner Writer, as well as The Inner Entrepreneur.


There are multiple pages of quotes, books, programs, sites, supplements and articles, interviews with artists, psychologists, educators, researchers and others, plus topics related to giftedness, and talent areas in addition to film, such as writing, photography and visual arts, plus other pages to help explore and enhance being an artist – and a person.

This is a site for intelligent adults and mature teens – not children: there are words and images that may offend some people, or fail to pass “safe search” filters.

One of the main themes of the site is how mental health issues, spirituality and other topics such as self concept and self-limiting behavior including alcohol abuse and addiction can impact our ability to realize creative talents and reach for higher levels of achievement, meaning and self-actualization.

One aspect is that exceptional ability or giftedness may include characteristics that get labeled as dysfunctional or pathological. Another area is the relevance of learning differences such as ADD/ADHD.

Many of these issues have personal meaning and relevance for me, and the site is an ongoing research project on these topics, plus work on a potential book.

So, my mission for the site is to present this kind of information, to help others understand that they may not be so “crazy” after all, but might have some challenges in realizing their talents, in working with others, and being “at home” with themselves.

And the larger mission for the site is to help others (along with myself, of course) develop and nurture a more authentic and creative life.

You can find specific topics on the site index or by using the site search at the right — and read new additions on the Developing Talent newsletter archives.


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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) developed the Hierarchy of Needs theory, which declares that as we meet ‘basic’ needs, we can move on to satisfy successively ‘higher’ needs.

[text and diagram from Wikipedia page]

“Capacities clamor to be used, and cease their clamor only when they are well used…

Not only is it fun to use our capacities, but it is necessary for growth.”
Abraham Maslow, in his book Toward a Psychology of Being

The original five levels were later expanded to seven or eight areas, and other writers in the area of human potential and self-actualization have expanded on his ideas.

For example, our personal growth is not just a matter of “travel” upward in the pyramid – we may move back and forth between areas of need, and attend to “lower” ones while still pursuing “higher” ones.

Listed below are Maslow’s levels, with some related Talent Development Resources pages:

1) Physiological: hunger, thirst, bodily comforts, etc.



2) Safety/security: out of danger

anxietydysfunction / disorder….mental health

3) Belonginess and Love: affiliate with others, be accepted

collaboration….relationships….social reactions / interactions

4) Esteem: to achieve, be competent, gain approval and recognition

identity.role models….self-esteem / self concept

5) Cognitive: to know, to understand, and explore

awareness / thinking…..Buddhist psychology…..positive psychology

6) Aesthetic: symmetry, order, and beauty

talent areas.….organizing

7) Self-actualization: self-fulfillment, realizing one’s potential


nurturing talent…..nurturing talent : teen/young adult…..

Personal Development & Achievement Resources…..personal development organizations

8 Self-transcendence: to connect to something beyond the ego or to help others find self-fulfillment and realize their potential.


social activism…..social activism : teen/young adult

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NOTE – Material on the site that is not my own is used under Fair Use guidelines and not meant to violate copyright [see Fair Use Statement] – it is provided for educational and informational purposes only; I am not a therapist and this site is not intended to be a substitute for any professional advice.

Thanks for visiting – and for any comments. I appreciate the many responses to my posts on the many topics I address.

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