About product links

The multiple Talent Development Resources sites include affiliate links to books and other products which I have selected to provide potential information and help for you. Following one of these links (for example to Amazon.com for a book) can result in a sales commission to me – if you make a purchase. There is no extra cost to you for making a purchase via an affiliate link.

Talent Development Resources started out – more than thirteen years ago – as a personal venture to better understand my own life and psyche, and to publish material that might help other people as well.

The site has expanded to a series of more than a dozen related sites – such as High Ability, Highly Sensitive, Depression and Creativity, Developing Multiple Talents, Anxiety Relief Solutions, and others.

Along with that growth has come multiple additional expenses.

For example, monthly site hosting costs (for a dedicated server) are much higher than costs for a simple, one-domain site. Also, there are expenses for additional publishing software and for the newsletter distribution service.

Rather than treat the site as ‘just’ a personal creative venture, it has become a full time endeavor, with online business aspects – in addition to all the free material.

Since I am not a charitable institution and don’t have some kind of trust fund, I have chosen to pay for it by being an affiliate for a number of companies providing books, workshops, personal development programs and anxiety relief products.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find the sites interesting and helpful.

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