Privacy Policy

Talent Development Resources – and related TalentDevelop Sites – are the creation of me, Douglas Eby, M.A., residing in Los Angeles, CA.

I do not collect any personal information about visitors, unless they choose to subscribe to one of my newsletters, in which case I only collect an email address. Those email addresses are not shared with anyone else.

Information such as search keywords, browser type, and geographical location of visitors are collected by Google Analytics or other tracking sites, as well as data on most visited pages – but again, none of this is personal data.

The site platform software [Wordpress] may set cookies for browsers.

In addition, I use ad server networks (such as Google Adsense) which may collect information such as domain type, IP address, and other information, when their ads are clicked. I do not have access to that information.

Details about the contents of the site and its history can be found on the About the Site page.

For more about me, see my resume.

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