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Adam Eason is one of the most
highly recognised experts in the UK in the fields of hypnosis, NLP, personal development and human potential.
Also see his articles:

Feel Those Feelings and Develop Emotional Intelligence

The Language of Self-Hypnosis

and his book: Secrets of Self-Hypnosis: Harnessing the Power of Your Unconscious Mind

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Eliminate Self-Sabotage
This intensive program, created by Dr. John-David as the “next step” beyond his internationally acclaimed Brain/Mind Expansion Intensive, is designed to eliminate subconscious self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns that undermine your personal and professional life.

Audible, guided visualizations plus inaudible, subliminal affirmations, tones, and frequencies [to be used with headphones].
from Whole Brain Learning Institute.

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The Power of Positive Habits

e-book, PC program, Apple I-Pod audiobook
Based on two years of research in Cognitive Re-Structuring

*If greater success, improved self-esteem and happiness are your life destinations, The Power of Positive Habits can take you there. This is a simple but powerful program that can transform your life.*
– Jack Canfield - Best-selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

*Wherever you are in life, your habits determine 95% of your thoughts, feelings and actions. This program shows you how to develop the lifelong habits for great success.”
– Brian Tracy, Motivation Expert and Author

program author Dan Robey:

During the 2 years that I was developing the program, I researched literally 100's of medical and scientific studies, journals and books.

I interviewed the top Doctors and Scientists at such prestigious institutions as Harvard Medical School, New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Journal of the American Medical Association just to name a few.

I researched the top books and scientific references on Success, Motivation, Self-Esteem and Relationships. I was in search of valuable information that could easily be "actionized" into a new permanent habit, routine or thought pattern in your life.


       > related article Positive Habits - by Dan Robey

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Personal Development / Business Strategy / Wealth Building

Mind & Body / Spiritual Growth

Programs include : Action Strategies for Personal Achievement; Accelerated Learning Techniques;The Einstein Factor - creative methods used by Einstein, Tesla, and Leondardo da Vinci -- and many others

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Creating Abundance

"If you are serious about getting off the "treadmill" of life and want to create wealth in all aspects (material and spiritual), Paul's Creating Abundance Course will be a breakthrough of epic proportions in your life.

Paul's revolutionary "Abundance Activation Technique" will help you eliminate any old blocks that have held you back in life and help you turn your "prosperity switch" back on to attract what you want most. My highest recommendation!

John Assaraf -
New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

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for Coaches, Consultants, and Solo-preneurs 

The Ezine Queen’s 2005 Online Success Blueprint Workshop SOLD OUT, but the Home Study Version is now available -- how to use your website, email, and information products to give you more time, money, and freedom in your current business.

Alexandra K. Brown (the "EzineQueen") grosses $30k a month from her educational and information-based products, training manuals and CD's.

Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) said this about the EzineQueen:
"My staff and I know firsthand that no one else will teach you what The Ezine Queen does. I sell hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in seminar seats and infoproducts because of my ezines -- YOU can too!" 

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The only reason you are not living the life of your dreams is because unconstructive beliefs were programmed into your mind as a child.... you learned certain "facts" about life that became a part of your subconscious operating system. This system now automatically creates the life you are living. If you are not living exactly the life that you desire, then these beliefs need to be changed...

"Program Your Mind For Wealth" program includes:
The REAL Reason You Don't Have Enough Money
Money Making Secrets of Mind Power Masters


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Challenge to Succeed

Jim Rohn’s most popular program is now available in mp3 format.  Five inspirational topics guide the participant through self-evaluation and commitment...

... including: the five major pieces to the life puzzle, the power of personal development, the fundamentals for prosperity and success, how to win the battle of the mind, attitude change and the day that turns your life around.

Regular Retail: $65 Normal Online Cost: $60
Special Price: $39 -- free sample mp3 download

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Bob Proctor - Life Success Productions

"Bob Proctor.. possesses a great and rich knowledge of how the mind can be programmed to operate at its fullest potential. No other teacher alive teaches these concepts as clearly and accurately."

Jack Canfield - co-author of book The Success Principles


“Bob Proctor is my favorite motivational source for living a prosperous life. He's a gifted teacher of the truth of abundance.”

Jori Lynn Keyser / - prosperity coaching for artists

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Centerpointe Research Institute

For nearly 20 years Allen Koss had enjoyed a successful career as a Hollywood television producer... “Concentration”, Joker’s Wild”, “Tic Tac Dough” ...The seams of his life split when one of his long-running shows went off the air... the less he worked, the more acute his anxiety became... 
He was stuck in a downward cycle. .... He saw an ad in Psychology Today for Holosync audio tapes from Centerpointe..

From the very first time he used them, his stress level began to decrease... the less anxious he became... the easier he was to get along with, and the more people seemed to be willing to help him.

Things began to turn around for him. Allen’s creativity returned, too. .... And the longer he used the program, the more he seemed to know himself, in a very deep and satisfying way.

> from the book The Success Principles -
by Jack Canfield, with Janet Switzer

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The Wild Divine Project

An "inner-active" biofeedback computer adventure you play using your thoughts, feelings breath & awareness.. for total mind-body wellness.

"The Journey to Wild Divine is a very practical program that allows people to get in intimate touch with the inner-most core of their being."  ~ Deepak Chopra, M.D.

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Heavenly Help with Money Matters
Find out how you can get Heaven's help with your money matters,
and discover why it matters that you do! 

Heavenly Help with Money Matters

An Ecourse by  Leslie Householder

How many times do you have an idea of prosperity, and for a moment you can picture yourself living abundantly, and then the idea goes away? So long as you held the thought in your mind, it was, by law, beginning to be drawn to you.

You let go of the idea, and it was drawn away from you.
 You never saw evidence of it, so you had no idea that what you desired was being affected by your thoughts.

These kinds of situations and things are "Perpetually Transmuting." They are constantly coming or going from or toward the physical plane, but we just don't see it happening, so it is easy to doubt.

You must believe this law, and you will be able to have the faith you need to hold the idea in your mind until you see fruition. ... Do not reverse the process with doubt or fear. Belief and faith bring it into form; doubt and fear return it to the invisible.

Leslie Householder is also author of
The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can

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Christopher HowardChristopher Howard on success thinking

The problem that people face in life is that they often accept the reality that they’ve been handed by families, friends, co-workers, society, the media, and so on.

The reality that you accept is made up of a matrix of interacting belief systems that can either be useful to you or disempower you.

Financial beliefs that can disempower you include convictions such as "It’s hard to make money," "You have to be born into wealth," or "You have to work for years to make real money as a sales professional."

If you accept these kinds of realities, it can absolutely prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Both poverty and wealth exist, yet some people experience one and not the other.

What differentiates those who have massive amounts of wealth from those who are completely broke is their thoughts, which determine their focus.

Christopher Howard - from his article Program Yourself for Prosperity - on his site Christopher Howard Companies

> also see Chris Howard's Abundance Program

> also see his book Turning Passions into Profits:
Three Steps to Wealth and Power

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The Power Of Concentration Success System -
from Connect To Success, Inc. - includes

complete version of the 1918 classic by Theron Dumont titled,
‘The Power Of Concentration’ (Free)
30 days of email 'Power of Concentration' training.
3 Mp3’s from Mike Litman on how to use this classic book..
special report titled – ‘5 Little Known Secrets To Immediately
Unlocking Your Financial Greatness’
special report titled "How To Become Great – The 12 Habits Of Greatness"

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The Science of Getting Rich

Timeless wisdom and a practical prosperity program from a forgotten 1910 classic —

The Science of Getting Rich - FREE ebook

"The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way. Those who do things in this certain way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get rich. Those who do not do things in this certain way, no matter how hard they work or how able they are, remain poor.

"It is a natural law that like causes always produce like effects. Therefore, any man or woman who learns to do things in this certain way will infallibly get rich." -- Wallace D. Wattles

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Success Mastery Academy - includes 16 MODULES:

Qualities of Master Achievers
Managing Yourself and Others for Peak Performance
How to Make Quantum Leaps in Sales and Business
Time Empowerment / Maximum Selling Strategies
Positioning, Perception and Self-Image in Selling
Persuasion, Negotiation, and Influence Skills
Success and Self-Motivation //
etc -

see full description : Success Mastery Academy

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Success Mastery Academy program -
# Build unshakable levels of self-esteem and self-confidence
# Set and achieve goals in every area of life
# Discover the success secrets of self-made millionaires
# Manage your time better and double your productivity -- and more

> additional programs from Authors/Teachers

* Jim Donovan * Randy Gage * John Kanary * Jeff Keller
* John Maxwell * Bob Proctor * Jim Rohn * Brian Tracy
* Robert Young * Suzanne Zoglio

mp3Motivators - the best personal development programs

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If you are intent on deciding to make the next 12 months the time to overcome any and all self-limiting roadblocks in your life and to become the person you are designed to be...

Sincerely, Jim Rohn

It's meaty but bite-sized morsels of wisdom combined with action-packed lessons take you step-by-step through an incredible personal journey of discovery. 

Not only does it represent the best work of Jim Rohn -- the Mentor to Mentors -- but it also includes teaching from Zig Ziglar, Loral Langemeier, Brian Tracy, Chris Widener, Bob Burg and others.

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The Abundance Course

Any Program Can Help You Set Goals.

The Abundance Course Can Help You Achieve Them.

Are You Living Up to Your Unlimited Potential?

Every year millions of copies of programs sell promising to help you tap your "unlimited potential". Maybe you've bought one or two of these programs.

Maybe you've spent thousands on these books, tapes, and seminars only to find yourself reading yet another sales letter!

What's underneath that feeling that drives you, almost unconsciously, to continue striving for more? To continue looking for new answers?

You must believe in your unlimited potential. It's there. It's real. It's true. But you've been shown and conditioned to go about accessing that potential in a way that's simply all wrong.

It's not your fault. The "experts" are supposed to know, right? And, some of it works - a little bit, but yet you're still looking for the answers that will really help you tap your unlimited potential.

"I took The Abundance Course because I was under a lot of business and personal pressure. I find now that I'm more relaxed, easier in all my relationships and making a lot more money with much less effort-working smarter, not harder."
Tom Beyer, Scottsdale AZ

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Resources Unlimited

Resources Unlimited is a woman-owned global training and management consulting firm...

We provide learning and development materials, facilitate meetings, and deliver training seminars, specializing in:

* DiSC® Profile Training * Team Building
* Meeting Management * Time Management
* Presentation Skills * Creativity and Innovation
* Dr. Edward de Bono's Thinking Skills
* Customer Service and Sales
* Leadership and Management Development

* Diversity Training * Listening Skills
* Performance Improvement using 360 Degree Feedback

~ ~

a testimonial -

Barbara Stennes.. was a promising apprentice from the start and has since taught my thinking methods to thousands of individuals, helping to improve thinking in organizations around the world.

Barbara was also one of my first Master Trainers and is now one of only 3 Lifetime Certified de Bono Master Trainers worldwide. I count on her as a key proponent of my work.

Dr. Edward de Bono

~ ~ ~ ~

Test and Improve your Memory
ThinkFAST: Downloadable Neurobic Software / CD Version
BrainBuilder  /  BrainX Digital Learning System  / Getting A's Book with Digital Learning System
The Complete Sound Health Series  /  Music for Concentration / Music for Learning
Deep Learning: Enhance Memory and Concentration     / and more

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* complete version of the 1918 classic by Theron Dumont "The Power Of Concentration"

"You’ll get to read the exact words that took me from failure
to financial freedom."
Mike Litman

* 30 days of email 'Power of Concentration' training

* a ‘Hot Tip’ sheet that will help guide you through the 10 most essential parts of the book so you can quickly and easily make big changes in your life.

* special report titled – ‘5 Little Known Secrets To Immediately Unlocking Your Financial Greatness’ -- 5 major proven strategies I’ve used to go from a ‘down and out’ dreamer to financially free at 30 years old.

* special report titled ‘How To Become Great – The 12 Habits Of Greatness” -- inside the minds of the most successful people of our time and their little known and extremely powerful habits of success.

> and more

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courses / CDs / programs by Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, Joan Borysenko [photos]. Lili Fournier, Chris Howard, Terri Amos, Sylvia Browne, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Arthur Joseph, Gay & Katie Hendricks, Sonia Choquette, Marc Allen, Nathaniel Branden, Sylvia Browne, and others

Christopher Howard
Christopher Howard
Christopher Howard

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Take Control: 14 Steps to Smash YOUR Limits
A 100-page downloadable e-course by the developer of SNAP (Substitute Neural Association Programming). Solidly based on today's knowledge about how your brain really works.

Get What YOU Want!
This 54-page downloadable ebook guides you step-by-step to identify your TRUE passions... then build an achievable goal plan to achieve them.

VISUALIZE SUCCESS: Future Memories of Success
A 40-page downloadable insight ebook. Discover the "genius method" of goal achievement used to create amazing fortunes... and to achieve "impossible" goals.

Think Like Leonardo da Vinci
Discover the secret behind Leonardo’s creative thinking strategies, and learn how to apply his methods in your own personal, artistic, or professional life .

Live Well and Prosper
The 7 Steps to Create Your Ideal Lifestyle. Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and even Oprah all agree: Unless you take charge of planning your lifestyle -- you'll end up losing in today's challenging economy. Powerful insights and action tips to help you create a REALISTIC plan for increased prosperity

~ ~ ~ ~

"You'll get so focused on reaching meaningful goals, 
your entire life will magically transform"

In every book, tape or seminar on goal setting, there will usually be the part that gives you the 3 or 7 or 10 steps to effectively setting and reaching big aims in life. If you just follow these principles, it would appear that you couldn't fail...

...So why do 97% of all people fail to reach any really important objectives, only succeeding (if ever) on the 27th attempt... after years of trying and failing?

It's not for lack of information. The "how-to" is everywhere. It's what you think that counts

While it's true that there are proven steps and principles to setting and achieving even the most challenging of goals, you first have to be mentally ready and willing to do what you need to do to get all your outcomes in life.

Every day. Every hour. Every minute...

...And Setting and Achieving Goals Now! installs the inner drive of the world's biggest goal achievers into your being. 

To be effective and happy, you must become someone who can persuade yourself to do the "dirty work" so you can get the rewards you want.

Because it's only when you can convince yourself to do what you must that those "7 Proven Steps" to effective goal setting will ever come into play.

> a program from Think Right Now

~ ~ ~ ~

Making Dreams Happen

This 24-CD program features career change experts Barbara Sher, 
Barbara Winter and Valerie Young.

"If you want more than a job change.. more than a career change, 
if what you really desire is a meaningful life change..."

Changing Course

~ ~ ~ ~

101 Best Ways to Get Ahead

The most successful people in the world sharing their best advice on how to get ahead in the world - to help you achieve your highest potential.

Bill Gates  Oprah Winfrey  Donald Trump  Richard Branson  Rudy Giuliani  Tiger Woods  The Dalai Lama  Anita Roddick  Tony Blair  Lance Armstrong    > and 91 others 

~ ~ ~ ~

Greatness Held Hostage

Free Copy of book Conversations with Millionaires 
by best-selling author Mike Litman - 

discover the secrets of 7 famous millionaires. 
Includes Jim Rohn, Robert Allen, and more.
Limited time offer.

3 Simple Steps To Ending Procrastination Forever. How much money has procrastination stolen from yourself and your family over the last 5 years?

> testimonials : 

"As the CEO of a 4.5 Million dollar company I've been exposed to a lot, but NOTHING like 'Greatness Held Hostage'. Nothing. Listen to this for yourself, it will blow you away." John Rogers, Chicago
~ ~
"I ordered your Greatness Held Hostage CD and I listen to it every single day. I'll tell you that since I started listening to it I've quit a 20 year smoking habit, replaced it with 4 days a week of exercise...have gained 20 lbs in muscle mass, and my income have jumped dramatically. 

"I can't tell you how much impact this CD has had on me, because it's still unraveling! Every day I'm implementing more and seeing greater results."

Bill White Pres/CEO The Biggest Deal, Inc.
~ ~
'Greatness Held Hostage' is the most incredible and passionate CD I've heard in years. It woke me up to another level of what's possible in my life." Matt Bacak - Atlanta

~ ~ ~ ~

Success Networks International

Practical Motivation, Helpful Resources, Inspiring Ideas

Over 10,000 files designed to help you excel -- Our mission is to inform, inspire and empower people to be their best - personally and professionally.

~ ~ ~ ~

Higher Awareness ..........

Higher Awareness offers 20 online self improvement workbooks and programs for personal and spiritual growth.

* Master basic skills - Build a solid foundation for your life with our goal setting, time management, creativity and life tracking workbooks. Bring more control and focus into your life.

* Empower your personality - Understand yourself and how life works. Build self esteem, self worth, mental discipline and inner power with our block busting, journaling, know yourself, write your life, prosperity thinking and personal growth awareness programs.

* Open to a higher power - Find more meaning, purpose and joy in life. Connect more deeply with your essence with our life purpose, grow yourself, intuition, spiritual growth tips, manifesting abundance and activating joy programs.

~ ~ ~ ~
...Mind Tools - Essential skills for an excellent career

Mind Tools outlines more than 100 of the most important thinking skills in nine essential areas. 
These skill areas are:
* Time Management    * Stress Management    * Memory Improvement
* Problem Solving   * Decision Making   * Project Planning & Management
* Information Assimilation   * Communication Skills    * Practical Creativity

~ ~ ~ ~
Freeze-Framer - from the Institute of HeartMath

"If it's one thing I've learned in business, it's that relationships with associates and clients is absolutely critical -- more vital than my formal education. That's why emotional intelligence is so critical to my success. Freeze-Framer is the tool of choice to boost emotional intelligence and your success." Mark H., New York

"Before the Freeze-Framer, my focus wasn't very accurate on tests and quizzes. Now, because of the Freeze-Framer, my concentration on school studies is much better." - 12th Grader, Study Skills Class, Carmel, CA

* Real-time heart rate variabilty monitoring
* Finger Sensor -- convenient access to USB ports
* tutorial covering the core elements of the Freeze-Framer system

related page : ...emotional intelligence resources

  ~ ~ ~ ~

Practical tools for creative dreamers

My work isn't just about happiness and joy - it's about pushing past your fears, and finding the tools you need to fit those dreams into everyday reality.

Let's face it: it's tough (and lonely) to follow your dream by yourself. 

A whole lot of dreams get abandoned in the weedy back lots of resignation, rejection and fear of failure. 

That's why I've created creativity and inspiration tools to help you cope....Suzanne Falter-Barns

~ ~ ~ ~.

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