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There are many steps you can take to relieve your symptoms of depression, without resorting to medications.

Imagine having a business that allows you to focus on many of your interests and use all of your skills on a regular basis. In Renaissance Business, you’ll learn to use your multipotentiality so that instead of it being an obstacle to income, it becomes fuel for income. My resume reads like it belongs to ten different people. Music, film, web design, law, business, personal development, writing, dance, sexuality, education – all of these are or have been interests of mine. They come and go (and sometimes come again).

I thought that this interview with Anna Wintour was very interesting. Anna has received intense backlash because she leads in a very masculine way. As a young female entrepreneur, there are times that I find it necessary to assert myself in a strong manner to counteract my age and gender in predominantly male settings, however there is a new trend of doing business in a “feminine manner.”

He estado pensando acerca de los diferentes tipos de perfeccionismo, después de una discusión que tuve con un superdotado sobreviviente de trauma. Pude distinguir con mayor claridad que algunos aspectos de su perfeccionismo tenían que ver con su experiencia de vivir con altas capacidades y otros estaban relacionados con problemas en su familia de origen.

La persona que me llama por teléfono dice que comenzó a llorar después de leer mi website. No es la primera vez que escucho esta reacción. La página que leyeron no es la de adicciones ó la de depresión. Sólo hay una página que produce esta reacción. Quien llama leyó acerca de individuos superdotados en mi sitio web. Se trata de información que es nueva para ellos. Algunas personas siempre han sabido que tienen altas capacidades: Este artículo es para quienes no lo sabían.

If you already have self published books, chances are you’re looking for effective online marketing book strategies to help sell your book. You’ve spent hours brainstorming, writing, editing and publishing your book. Now what? Now it’s time to let people know that your book exists. Even if you have a great book, it doesn’t matter if no one knows about it.

This brief audio clip is from Ane Axford's longer interview: “On HSPs as Entrepreneurs with Marie Forleo.”

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