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Depression Is More Important
Tom Wootton
Tom Wootton is the author of The Bipolar Advantage, The Depression Advantage, and Bipolar In Order. He has been considered a leading consumer advocate and speaker and gives keynote speeches to conferences nationwide on mental health. He is President of Bipolar Advantage: Outcome-Based Education for Bipolar and Depression (which also has his books), and the related training program for therapists: Bipolar Experts
By Tom Wootton
Published on 02/29/2012
Perhaps depression is the inability to see value in our pain. Depression is anger turned inward. Depression is a chemical imbalance. Depression is a mental illness. Depression is resistance to what is. Depression is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, and career/financial pain. Depression is Beautiful. If we dive deeply into any of these points of view we deepen our understanding. [Photo: Like many actors and other creative people, Harrison Ford has struggled with depression.]