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Are You Inner-Directed? And Why It Matters To Know
Sarah Dolliver
Sarah Dolliver is the Founder of InnerVantage, the online community for inner-directed individuals (those who focus inward to restore). Her vision is to remove the stigma from being introverted or highly sensitive (HSP) to allow these individuals to lead rewarding lives that bring distinct contributions to the world.  
By Sarah Dolliver
Published on 01/23/2008
The term "inner-directed" is likely new to you. It is the behavioral term I'm pioneering that unites "those who focus inward to restore." It refers to the common behaviors of introverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs) and how they relate to the world. Why it matters that you know whether you are (or someone you know is) inner-directed is because it impacts how you deal with the world and the choices you make each day.