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We Are The X-Men
Tom Wootton
Tom Wootton is the author of The Bipolar Advantage, The Depression Advantage, and Bipolar In Order. He has been considered a leading consumer advocate and speaker and gives keynote speeches to conferences nationwide on mental health. He is President of Bipolar Advantage: Outcome-Based Education for Bipolar and Depression (which also has his books), and the related training program for therapists: Bipolar Experts
By Tom Wootton
Published on 02/20/2012
In watching X-Men: The Last Stand, I noticed several characters with whom I could relate. They wanted to live a “normal” life and could not see the benefit of a power that they could not control. They were subjected to overwhelming pressure to get “cured” of their disease, and many succumbed to the promise of a “normal” life. ... The greatest power of all is my ability to go into such deep depression that I can gain insights into the true meaning of life. It helps me to find meaning and purpose beyond just surviving another day, and helps me to appreciate life for all of its richness.