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Melanie Duncan is owner of Entrepreneuress Academy - "Our mission is to give fabulous women the tools they need to start their own businesses online so that they can be financially independent and live the life they have always dreamed of."

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I thought that this interview with Anna Wintour was very interesting. Anna has received intense backlash because she leads in a very masculine way. As a young female entrepreneur, there are times that I find it necessary to assert myself in a strong manner to counteract my age and gender in predominantly male settings, however there is a new trend of doing business in a “feminine manner.”

In my opinion, transparency is one of the most crucial aspects of an online business. Gone are the days when we walked into our neighborhood shop where we had a relationship with the store owner and knew that quality would always be delivered. Life is moving online. Whether it has to do with purchasing goods, meeting people or acquiring information, we need to find ways to establish trust.

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