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Emilie Wapnick says: "I don’t like labels, but if I had to describe myself, I’d probably use some combination of entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and coach. I also play the violin, I’m developing a television pilot, and I occasionally design a website or two. But all of this could change tomorrow…" From her site.

Emilie is author of the program: Renaissance Business - make your multipotentiality your day job

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The other day, someone mentioned that throughout their life, they’ve used their multipotentialite pursuits as a way of growing their confidence. In other words, by diving into new things and acquiring new skills, they’ve learned to believe in themselves more as a person. I’ve never thought about it that way, but it makes sense. It’s pretty damn hard to develop your confidence if you’re not pursuing your passions.

I’ve written before about my experiences with childhood bullying. It’s something that a lot of multipotentialites seem to have experienced (apparently when you do origami at recess and play violin in an orchestra, other kids think you’re weird…) And yet the truth is that the worst, most enduring bullying I ever experienced was not inflicted by my classmates at all, but by myself... Many amazing people had low confidence growing up. Having no confidence is a blessing: you can learn to build your confidence from scratch. [Photo: Nicole Kidman has struggled with impostor feelings.]

Imagine having a business that allows you to focus on many of your interests and use all of your skills on a regular basis. In Renaissance Business, you’ll learn to use your multipotentiality so that instead of it being an obstacle to income, it becomes fuel for income. My resume reads like it belongs to ten different people. Music, film, web design, law, business, personal development, writing, dance, sexuality, education – all of these are or have been interests of mine. They come and go (and sometimes come again).

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