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    "One of the qualities of superior men and women is that they are extremely self-reliant. They accept complete responsibility for themselves and everything that happens to them. They look to themselves as the source of their successes and as the main cause of their problems and difficulties. High achievers say, If its to be, its up to me." Brian Tracy.

    First conceived of thousands of years ago, this potent technique - Kaizen - runs contrary to nearly everything you and I have been taught about the processes of achievement and success. Yet the results are undeniable. This technique works — better and far more easily than anything else I've ever seen.

    PASS IT ON is the first feature film of filmmaker Gregory Scott Reid. Reid, CEO of several successful corporations, has been published in 21 books, including 8 bestsellers and 3 #1 bestsellers. It features over 60 top leaders, who have joined forces to share the blueprint that brought them to success.

    Selected programs for personal development, self improvement, career and life success - from personal growth authors and leaders including Wayne Dyer, Barbara Sher, Barbara Winter, Valerie Young, Sonia Choquette, Jim Rohn and others.

    The "struggle-for-money" mindset is at epidemic proportions in today's world. Yet, if you take a closer look, you will notice the wealthiest and most successful people are not in a constant state of struggle.

    Developed for Learning Strategies by Paul Scheele and peak performance expert Tom McCarthy, who has created strategies for corporations, professional sports teams and champion athletes to dramatically improve performance.

    “There Is Only One Success – To Be Able to Spend Your Life in Your Own Way.” Christopher Morley // The truth is:  You really can find ways to work at something you truly enjoy, to be your own boss, and get paid for it. You can enjoy a life with far greater freedom, flexibility, and balance.  I’ve been helping people discover realistic ways to make a living without a job for well over a decade. I can help you do it… beginning today.

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