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Change Your Life in Mirrors

by Brian Vaszily - Founder & Creator, The Nine Intense Experiences

Ah, the power of mirrors.

In the field of social psychology, there is a relatively well-known study that was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in which, on Halloween, researchers posing as homeowners greeted trick-or-treating children at one of eighteen different houses.

At one of the houses, when trick-ortreaters rang the doorbell, one of the researchers pointed to a large bowl of candy sitting on a table nearby.

She told the children that it was self-service, but they could only take ONE piece of candy. She also told them she had work to do and quickly exited the room.

Another researcher was watching what happened behind a peephole. A full 33.7% of the children took more candy than they they should have.

Then, the researchers set up a mirror right in front of the bowl of candy, so the trick-or-treaters had to see themselves in it as they approached the bowl. The rate of those taking more than one piece of candy when the mirror was there? Just 8.9%!

Other studies since then have confirmed that adults, too, have a much more difficult time being dishonest when they are confronted with themselves in a mirror.... even if no one else is around.

(These studies always seem to confirm ages-old expressions, in this case, "How can you look yourself in the mirror?" when someone has done something dishonest.)


You may be the most honest person in the world with others, but we all tend to have the hardest time admitting the most difficult truths to ourselves. We're of course not setting out to sabotage ourselves. Most of the time we are not even aware that we are lying to ourselves, or denying the truth, until things really come to a head (i.e., until things get messy, frustrating, really tense, etc.)

And of course we therefore DO sabotage ourselves by never admitting - never facing - the truth.

Think about it: how many times in your life have you been faced with "big" questions that, later on, you realize deep down you already knew the answer to? But the answer was difficult, the truth was hard, and you just could not, or did not want to, face it?

"Should I leave him?"
"Should I stay in this job?"
"Am I addicted?"
"Am I hurting myself here?"

Think about this, too: what "big" questions regarding your health, relationships, finances, career, or other direction-your-life-takes areas are you currently faced with?


So this will be one of the littlest of the 18 Intense "Little" Experiences but also one of the most revealing and transformative.

Perhaps not right now if you are not currently faced with some important question, but certainly down the line when you are - and I don't need to tell you that no matter who you are, you will be at multiple points in your life.

Quite simply, instead of trying to ponder the big question while driving in your car, or sitting at your desk or table, go somewhere alone that has a mirror.

Obviously a washroom or a bedroom, where you can close the door to ensure your solitude, is a smart choice. It is even better if you are so alone that you can talk to yourself aloud: hearing your own voice ask and answer questions prompts even greater depth and honesty.

And by now you have likely guessed it: staring at your own eyes in the mirror, ask your question aloud.

"Should I leave her?"
"Am I really ready to move?"
"Do I have a drinking problem?"
"What am I really so afraid of?"

Ask aloud, answer aloud, and try not to take your eyes off your own eyes as you answer and discuss it with yourself in the mirror. Even if you have to squint through your own tears.

Discuss the question, the issue, aloud with yourself in the mirror in this manner, until you have said all that can be said. Until all the insight and truth that was pent up deep inside you has risen forth from your lips and into your own ears and eyes.


Emotional as the answer may be, it is mighty hard not to hear the truth come forth from where it already is inside you by addressing yourself in the mirror in this manner.

It is even more difficult to hide from or deny it when you hear it pour forth aloud from your own mouth.The first and usually most difficult step when embarking on a new leg of your journey through life is deciding which is the right direction to go.

This intense little experience will, in a powerful way, help guide you in that right direction.And though it can be perceived as "sales-y" if your mind lets it, I mean it deeply and honestly when I say that - if you are about to embark on a potentially difficult new leg of a journey in life, or if you are already somewhere on one - nothing is as powerful as The Nine Intense Experiences audio program to help you thrive there.

If this little mirror experience helps you in some small (or not-so-small) way, I just ask that you imagine how extensively the full audio program can help you... And then, with the 100% satisfaction guarantee in mind in case your mind is still hesitant, I urge you to try it risk-free today...

To Your Intense Experiences AND To The Truths Found in Mirrors,

Brian Vaszily - Founder & Creator, The Nine Intense Experiences.

The 9 Intense Experiences

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