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~ ~

Overcoming Fear and Healing Wounds

by Andrew Schneider   (
The Soul Journey)

We cannot escape childhood without being wounded. Every time we made demands of others and they refused us, we were diminished in our self-worth.

Each time we asked for love and it was withheld, our self-value decreased. Whenever we attempted to prove ourselves and we failed, we lost some of our power.

As we repeated these experiences, patterns of inadequacy developed, and fears of various kinds took root in our subconscious.

Then as we grew up and became more self-sufficient we worked hard at overcoming our diminished self-worth, our decreased self-value, and our loss of power.

But we have not been totally successful. The reason is that underlying all our efforts are the fears buried in our subconscious.

What is unknown within us usually controls us.

Typically, we do not want to face our fears. Why? Because we are afraid of them. We are afraid that they will pull us back into the experiences of failure we associate with them.

So we try other strategies to succeed. We use a variety of defenses to suppress the unwanted feelings associated with previous failures and fear.

And we try to consciously control our environment, people and relationships. We all have control issues!

None of this really works, but we live with it anyway. It gives us a false sense of security.

But what a tremendous amount of energy we waste on avoiding, repressing, denying and ignoring what we need to face.

On the Soul Journey we learn about our fears, and how to face them. We connect with our old wounds and learn to heal them. We gain the courage we need to become more integrated and whole.

Throughout our entire life, from the moment we were born – and perhaps before – there is one fundamental desire we all have.

We all want connection. We all want love – to be loved and to express love. To be loved makes us feel that we are okay as we are, that we have value and worth.

And to share our love gives us the connection to our power, which is the ability to love and support others according to their needs.

Ignoring the healing of our wounds makes us unconsciously demand attention and caring from others.

It makes us dependent on others in so many ways for our own sense of self.

Not facing our fears keeps us from making meaningful and loving connections with others.

Fear says we are separate and we need to be defensive.

It says that we cannot trust others and let them in. Fear blocks us from loving. Fear and love cannot occupy the same space. Fear is rooted in the personality, love within the soul.

The power to heal our wounds and face our fears is not found in the personality. It comes from our very essence, the soul within.


1. Make a list of your fears. Which ones are active in your life right now?

2. Review the last few weeks in your mind. What situations come to mind where you felt afraid or uneasy? What did you react to or resist? Behind each of these, what were you afraid of?

3. How will you deal with these fears when they surface in the future? Look for positive examples from other people on how they deal with their challenges.

Resist the movement of soul within and you can become ill, have accidents, experience emotional pain and struggle with money, work and relationships.

Explore how to respond to the basic impulse that draws us to becoming conscious, compassionate, inclusive beings. See how you can access the Soul Journey Library. Take The Soul Journey.

~ ~ ~

Written by Andrew Schneider of the Philosophical Counseling Institute at The Soul Journey
- Education for Higher Consciousness.

See the site for Soul Journey Books: Education for Higher Consciousness; e-books by Andrew Schneider (Authenticity, The Alchemists Dream, Overcoming Life's 9 Major Challenges, The Energies of 2007) -- and more books and email programs, plus Soul-Centered Counselor Training.

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