Taking the leap to become an expert

Daniel Amen

Are you a psychologist, coach, artist, baker, clothing designer or someone with specialized knowledge? You can be even more helpful to a wider group of people as an expert. The photo is psychiatrist and brain imaging specialist Dr. Daniel Amen, who gives PBS presentations such as “Magnificent Mind at Any Age.” Maybe he is your […]

The Renaissance Business system for the Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

This is a program I discovered after reading some very stimulating posts by the author on being a “multipotentialite.” Here are some comments by the author Emilie Wapnick: Turn All of Your Interests into One Business Imagine having a business that allows you to focus on many of your interests and use all of your […]

Using a job as a “business loan” for your own venture

Thompsons Clam Bar

Career change expert Valerie Young notes she put herself through college “the way a lot of young people do, by waitressing” – and the place she worked holds value as a lesson in developing business ventures. She writes: One wild summer my sister Susan and I worked at the then famous Thompson’s Clam Bar in […]

Personal growth as an entrepreneur: Katie Freiling

Katie Freiling

Internet entrepreneur, coach and speaker Katie Freiling mentions a number of issues that can affect anyone, but may have particular significance for entrepreneurs: • Self-limiting beliefs • Fears and insecurities. She admits, “I know what it’s like to be severely limited by fear.” • Freiling notes when she was in college, she could not commit […]