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Wayne Dyer Ten Secrets

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Genuine Coaching Services

 Self-Care, Creativity and Writing Solutions

FREE Articles; The Everyday Self-Care Workbook; FREE Newsletters; FREE Meal Planning Worksheet; Creativity Interviews; FREE Everyday Self-Care Quiz

services include Artist Retreat Days; Writing Services

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Adam Eason.com

Adam Eason is one of the most
highly recognised experts in the UK in the fields of hypnosis, NLP, personal development and human potential.
Also see his articles:
Feel Those Feelings and Develop Emotional Intelligence

The Language of Self-Hypnosis

and his book: Secrets of Self-Hypnosis: Harnessing the Power of Your Unconscious Mind

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The Essence Method

"This method teaches us how to listen to our Heart and how to express our feelings. Valuable tools for self-assessment, spiritual growth and a healthy heart. A must for those who wish to tap the wisdom inside them that has more profound healing power than all the medical resources available."
- Dr. Bruno Cortis, Spiritual Cardiologist and author of "Heart and Soul"

Also available from Relax-online.com:
Creating Your Heart's Vision Home Study Program
Sedona Heart Essence Retreat
Hawaii Realize Your Heart's Dreams Dolphin Retreat

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The Creativity Coaching Association

* Do you have an unstoppable urge to create - to write, paint, sing, dance, play music, compose, make crafts?
* Are you at the start of a creative project and feeling uncertain, blocked, or overwhelmed?
* Have you achieved a level of success with your creative work but are struggling with where to go next?

Creativity coaches are available to help you reach your dreams and live the creative life you desire.

> image from book published by the Association - Inspiring Creativity

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Changing Course
"Find Your Life Mission and Live It... If you want more than a job change, if you want 
more than a career change, if what you really desire is a meaningful life change..."

> resources include:  Finding Your True Calling handbook - "experts like Barbara Sher, Barbara Winter, Patrick Combs, and Nicholas Lore share excerpts, exercises, and techniques from their thought-provoking books. 

"Through their collective wisdom, experience, and know-how you'll get to benefit from their step-by-step approach to uncovering your gifts, your passion, your true calling...

"It's not surprising that the word "Vocation" comes from the Latin word "vocare" which means "to call." And when respond to your TRUE Calling you feel renewed, fulfilled, and deeply happy."

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The Wild Divine Project

An "inner-active" biofeedback computer adventure you play using your thoughts, feelings breath & awareness.. for total mind-body wellness.

"The Journey to Wild Divine is a very practical program that allows people to get in intimate touch with the inner-most core of their being."  ~ Deepak Chopra, M.D.
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Dream Coach

workshops, books, life coaching program, CDs, MP3s etc

Appearing several times on Oprah and The Today Show, Marcia Wieder has shared her message of a "passion-filled life" with millions of viewers.

The PBS television special, Making Your Dreams Come True®, the namesake of her popular selling book, has been translated into numerous languages.

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Creative Self-Care Retreat Sweepstakes

win a free Comfort Queen retreat

Jennifer Louden and other leaders

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Life On Purpose Community and Institute

"Do you long to live a purposeful, passionate and playful life -- one rich with meaning and direction? Are you hearing a calling deep within yourself to contribute and make a difference but aren't sure how? Learn how you can clarify your life purpose and begin living true to it.

"Besides personal life purpose, we can also assist you to design your business to be an expression of who you truly are - to create or recreate your Business On Purpose."

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Dissertation coaching for graduate students. Career counseling for faculty.

Psychologist and Professional Coach Mary McKinney, Ph.D. provides career mentoring for faculty, dissertation coaching for graduate students and job-hunting strategies for post-docs and adjuncts.

Learn to write efficiently, overcome procrastination, manage time and balance teaching with publishing.

Becoming a successful academic takes more than intelligence.

Self-awareness, savvy strategies and practical skills make the difference between tenure and failure. Even small changes may produce big effects over time.

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courses / CDs / programs by Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, Joan Borysenko [photos]. Lili Fournier, Chris Howard, Terri Amos, Sylvia Browne, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Arthur Joseph, Gay & Katie Hendricks, Sonia Choquette, Marc Allen, Nathaniel Branden, Sylvia Browne, and others

Christopher Howard
Christopher Howard
Christopher Howard

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> products include

Take Control: 14 Steps to Smash YOUR Limits
A 100-page downloadable e-course.. based on today's knowledge about how your brain really works.

VISUALIZE SUCCESS: Future Memories of Success
Discover the "genius method" of goal achievement used to create amazing fortunes... and to achieve "impossible" goals.

Live Well and Prosper
The 7 Steps to Create Your Ideal Lifestyle. Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and even Oprah all agree: Unless you take charge of planning your lifestyle -- you'll end up losing in today's challenging economy....


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Mind Tools - Essential skills for an excellent career

Mind Tools outlines more than 100 of the most important thinking skills in nine essential areas. These skill areas are:
* Time Management    * Stress Management    * Memory Improvement
* Problem Solving   * Decision Making   * Project Planning & Management
* Information Assimilation   * Communication Skills    * Practical Creativity

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Travel Gear for the Joyfully Jobless Life

events have or will include :

Barbara Winter's Summer Camp: A Honeymoon for You
and Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Being an Inspired Entrepreneur

Making a Living Without a Job
Establish Yourself as an Expert
How to Support Your Wanderlust

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> her book:
Making a Living Without a Job : Winning Ways For Creating Work That You Love


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Maximum Potential Project

Kenneth W. Christian, Ph.D., is a performance psychologist who brings over twenty-five years' experience in solving practical problems to his work of accelerating talent development and maximizing potential.

....author of Your Own Worst Enemy: Breaking the Habit of Adult Underachievement


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Practical tools for creative dreamers

My work isn't just about happiness and joy - it's about pushing past your fears, 
and finding the tools you need to fit those dreams into everyday reality. 


Let's face it: it's tough (and lonely) to follow 
your dream by yourself. 

A whole lot of dreams get abandoned in the weedy back lots 
of resignation, rejection and fear of failure. 

That's why I've created creativity and inspiration tools to 
help you cope....Suzanne Falter-Barns

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Real Intelligence

Synthesizing groundbreaking findings, world-renowned learning researcher Dr. Laurence Martel developed a system that empowered people to figure out "how they are smart"....

programs & products by success leaders, authors, coaches from


The Essence of Success

by Earl Nightingale

Think Like a Billionaire

Lee Iacocca, Warren Buffett, Sam Walton, Donald Trump and others... principles and strategies that can increase your wealth and business acumen to the mogul level.

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*--*--more sites:

Maria E. Andreu - Life and Success Coach
"You don't need to work harder. You don't need to struggle or sacrifice more. You can experience the extraordinary."

Awakening Artistry  - "supports visionary and creative individuals in unleashing their true self-expression in work, relationship, the ultimate life."

Brightlight Coaching
"Illuminate and enlighten your whole life with personal coaching... free sample session, articles, and ecourses on career development, creativity, stress management, and success strategies... learn to shine your brightlight to the world with transformational life coaching." Michelle L. Casto

Cheryl Richardson
"..information that will support you in living an authentic life -- a life that honors your values and most treasured priorities."

Christine Francis - Creativity Coach
"I combine my years of experience as a teacher and writer with a passion for creating and helping others create. I offer creativity classes, workshops, retreats, guest lectures, in-service training and individual creativity coaching. [San Francisco Bay Area.]

Clarity International
"Using the Lights on Learning Method (TM), Clarity International brings your vision to life! This energy-based interview method utilizes state-of-the-art performance technology for implementing vision through awakening passion. Can you really see passion? Yes, it is pure energy that radiates... it is seeing past words... it is high level noticing... it is the distinguishing feature of highly successful people. Clarity captures it on camera, stopping time so that you can see yourself and others clearly... creating powerful movement to the next level of excellence."

Coach4Creatives - Creativity Coaching Services, Products, Courses

"Creativity Coaching is designed to be the catalyst for people who desire growth and change in their lives.  As coach, I invite individuals and organizations to live up to their creative potential, vision and goals."

Coaches Training Institute

Coaching for Possibility
"Are you wanting to... re-examine your values, priorities, and choices? clarify your vision, mission, and purpose? reduce the amount of stress in your life? overcome a creative block? ... find out what it is that you really do want?

Coach University

ConquerAnxiety  - Tools for Creating a Healthy, Anxiety-Free Life

Creative Success - "to inspire you to vision clearly the life that you want to create and coach you through the steps required..."
"Gail McMeekin's skills are beyond those of a therapist or a life coach--they include both. When you feel confused about which direction to take, or worse, don't even have choices in mind, Gail spins her magic to make anything seem possible. She remains steadfast, inventive, patient, supportive, generous, resolute..." Cathleen Rountree, Ph.D., author of The Writer's Mentor

Creativity Coaching Newsletter
"This monthly newsletter, prepared by Eric Maisel, author of Fearless Creating, The Creativity Book, The Van Gogh Blues, and many other books on the creative life, will keep readers informed about the profession of creativity coaching and the activities of creativity."

Dynamic Life Coaching
"After twenty years of practice as a registered psychotherapist, I have developed an approach to working with gifted individuals which has proved very successful. I call it 'Dynamic Life Coaching' because it combines the profound insights of psychotherapy with the positive reality of life coaching. Why coaching rather than psychotherapy or counseling? Because my own experience as a 'recovering' gifted person and my many years of practice have shown me that the medical model of working with distressed or dissatisfied gifted people is simply not relevant to most." Christopher J. Coulson, MAHPP

Eli Davidson Transformational Life Coach
"Having built a business from $17 to 1.5 million Eli Davidson consistently assists her clients with creating success in their own business."


developing a sense of self-worth

Often in our society, we are bombarded with the lives of celebrities. We can end up feeling that if we are not part of the rich and famous, our lives are insignificant. 

Our society also sends a message of competition and achievement. We watch sports, we always hear about profit and the bottom line being the dollar, we see large companies competing and constantly buying each other out.

The result often is that we are taught to see how well we are doing, in terms of how pretty we are, how bright we are, what kind of house we have, how well we do in sports, what rewards we receive.

However, in reality, these are external measures. Each of us needs to develop a sense of self-worth, a capacity for positive self-regard that comes from within.

> from article Practical Steps to Enchantment
Improving Your Self Esteem 
By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

site :....The Enchanted Self


Executive Ally
"Martha Burge is a personal and professional coach, facilitator, speaker, and workshop leader with over 20 years of experience in business, leadership, mentoring and coaching. She created Executive Ally to serve people who are in leadership positions in large organizations. She brings her personal experience in Director and Vice-President positions in a Fortune 200 corporation together with her education and experience in personal and professional transformation to create a blend that produces real results for executives."

Executive Matters - Leadership & Performance Development Solutions: Coaching & Mentoring; Leadership Consultancy Services and more

Fearless Living Coaching / ActNow Coaching
"we specialize in helping you take the life you have and create the life you want! In the context of Life Coaching, a Coach is someone who allows you to see yourself bigger than you can see yourself and gives you all the tools you need to reach that vision."

Gateways - Coaching for Arts Professionals - Barbara Bowen
"Gateways has guided designers, journalists, ad creatives, artists, photographers, healing arts and media professionals, architects and others into new levels of creativity and success. Gateways is for those in Arts-related fields and others who dream of reaching greater goals."

Genuine Coaching Services - Linda Dessau
"What would it be like to fully express yourself — through music, sound, words, film, colour, texture, or any combination of them? The courage to create brings unique challenges to your life:
* Procrastination  * Inner critic  * Low self-esteem  * Relationship issues — with artists and others  * Isolation
* Performance issues  * Listening for the sometimes quiet voice of the muse  * Coping with unpredictability  * Time & space issues
Read about the new Creative Artist Coaching Program to learn how you can change things by gaining clarity, connecting to self and others, taking on new healthy habits and more."

Good Life Coaching / Sharon Good
Personal, Career, Creativity and Spiritual Coaching - "It is my belief that we all deserve to live lives that are happy and fulfilling. In order to do that, we need to break through old belief systems that life is a struggle, work has to be hard or tedious, happiness is elusive, we're victims of our circumstances, we don't deserve it, we're not good enough, etc. I want to help my clients create new, positive beliefs that empower them to craft fun, successful lives."

Gregory F. Huff  - creativity coach

Harthill USA
".. mission is to promote leading-edge, dynamic and developmentally-informed practices for professional training, leadership development, and individual coaching. We are committed 1) to foster positive personal, organizational, and social transformation in a mindful, integrally-oriented approach to create shared excellence as well as joy in work, play and living. (2) to do so in a community of people dedicated to reflective practice, dialogue and ethical stewardship."

Higher Awareness

Online Workbooks and Programs to help you get control, tame emotions, and develop your mind, spirituality and prosperity.

FREE Coaching - Receive daily emails for one month supporting your completion of each workbook. They include more exercises, tips, guidance and inspiration. 

They help you cultivate discipline, completion, success, motivation and quality results. We ALSO answer all questions sent to us - at no charge. Your growth is important to us. 

Intuitive Resource Lists - enable you to draw upon your intuition to answer the questions of your life. 

They can spark your intuition and creativity. Too often, we get stuck in habitual thinking patterns and we cannot think of new ideas or solutions. Now, many solutions, ideas and triggers are here for you.

Inner Journey Newsletter  //  FREE articles on personal growth

Hollywood Coaching
"I believe that everyone has a unique personal expression and vision. We each bring a unique combination of skills and vulnerabilities to our work and life and part of what I do is help people follow those true voices in the back of our mind. The ones that surface when our mind is quiet and grounded. The ones that are most true for us yet can often seem in conflict with other people’s agendas for us. I believe if we’re doing our best and most personal work, our life will be more satisfying and ultimately more commercially successful. David Brownstein

Inside Out Life Design  - coaching for visionaries and social artists

InVision Group
"Through coaching, consulting and communication we collaborate creatively with you to create and experience the results you really want in your professional and personal life."

Life On Purpose Community and Institute
Do you long to live a purposeful, passionate and playful life -- one rich with meaning and direction? Are you hearing a calling deep within yourself to contribute and make a difference but aren't sure how? Learn how you can clarify your life purpose and begin living true to it. Besides personal life purpose, we can also assist you to design your business to be an expression of who you truly are - to create or recreate your Business On Purpose.  

Personal Peak Performance Unlimited
"Many of us think we have very sound reasons why we can't achieve our dreams. However, when you look at them more closely, you'll find that they don't hold up to the light of scrutiny...."
Della Menechella - from her article What Are You Waiting For?

Kay Marie Porterfield - Live Your Creative Vision / Creative Growth and Healing

< Creativity coaching : a client-centered partnership providing you with motivation, encouragement, accountability and fresh ways to meet the challenges you face in your creative life.

Life Strategies
"Today, more than ever before, millions of people are choosing to live their lives in accord with their sense of purpose, their values, and their dreams for their lives. Millions throughout the world are part of a movement to a value system that honors the uniqueness and authenticity of each person. These altruistic, self-actualizing, and spiritual people value nature, learning, and relationships. They see the interconnections between events and processes and are deeply committed to life in all its forms."

Live Artfully
"I coach business leaders, artists and non-profits to put in place technological and creative environments
that support them in what they want to achieve."

Eric Maisel - author; creativity coaching services, workshops and classes

Network For a New Culture (NFNC)
"is a North American group that was originally inspired by the German community ZEGG (acronym for German words meaning "Center for Experimental Cultural Design"). ... NFNC seeks to build a sustainable, violence-free culture through exploring intimacy, personal growth, transparency, radical honesty, equality, compassion, sexual freedom, and the power of community.

The New Story
"a coaching and consulting business dedicated to exploring, articulating, and expanding the ways in which we can truly author our lifeís dreams. By doing that--by crafting our best selves and living out the greatest meanings we can envision for our lives--we can each contribute to a world that is in desperate need of our individual gifts and capabilities. The New Story offers coaching services, spiritual direction, workshops and teleclasses, a 24-hour recorded message line, books and other learning tools under its umbrella."

Nightingale-Conant Corporation

Nine Lives Coaching
Katey Coffing, Ph.D. - "Coaching academics into joyful careers outside the Ivory Tower and book authors toward focus & success"
includes teleclasses for:
*  Academics leaving academia     *  Writers and artists wanting to connect with their creativity

*  Book and dissertation authors wanting support while completing their manuscripts

*  Career changers following their passions into a new life.

Original Impulse - Personal Coaching and Creativity Workshops
"Do you remember your Original Impulse? That urge, the desire to do/be something? You might recall it as a childhood dream that was pushed aside to do something practical. I believe that impulse is a guide to who we are meant to be. We are gifted with specific talents and if lucky, the guidance to use them. .... As a Personal Coach and owner of Original Impulse, it is my pleasure to help my clients unearth their Original Impulse. I am a Writers' Coach and a Life Coach who loves to help clients see tangible results. My vision includes a planet of people living according to their own True North, shining bright their light to make this a better place for everyone." Cynthia Morris

Self Help Zone - A Place for Self Improvement and Personal Growth
“A complete source of information on self help, self improvement and personal growth. It has over 500 articles on personal development, covering topics such as self confidence, goal setting, motivation, success and finding your purpose in life.”

Through a Different Lens
"We look at transitions as invitations to shift body, mind and spirit into a new alignment with purpose, vision, productivity, wholeness and well-being.... I help people see and connect with the creative life force within, so they can create a path for healing body, mind and spirit. I help organizations clarify their values, heal their environment and communications, work to their highest potential; and experience more joy, productivity and balance." Pam Hale Trachta, M.A.

Transformational Coaching Services

Visionaries University  - Jeanine Just, Visionary Success Strategist
"Over the past 6 months most of my time has been devoted to helping clients sort out their priorities
and clean up their act so their daily life choices are aligned to their 5-core values."

Wynn Solutions
"Turning Talent Into Performance - There is more to success than being the best. Achieving your goals requires a special blend of talent, ambition and -- above all -- the ability to promote yourself to the decision makers who matter.

Write What You Know
Lisa Collazo - "Reclaim Your Creativity & Fufill Your Dreams - I am a licensed clinical social worker and personal and professional coach who specializes in working with what Julia Cameron describes as "blocked creatives" in her book The Artist's Way. My clinical skills along with my passion for the arts has led me to develop a career as a writers' coach. I help writers manage their fears so that they can write authentically about what they know. As a therapist, I have always been interested in helping people discover what gives them joy and a sense of purpose in their lives. My goal as a coach is to help writers who are blocked by fear and anxiety to discover their true selves through their writing."

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