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What do others think of the sites?
Here are two excerpts from more than 1000 comments on the main site:

“Being gifted doesn’t mean one is OBLIGATED to reach the pinnacle of excellence on every single thing that is undertaken, nor does it mean that one must undertake an excessive load to live up to some arbitrary standard…I understand the feeling of being a ‘fraud,’ but realizing that your way of doing what you do is right for YOU comes with time.” – Donna G. “Great article, never thought of it in that way before. Essentially though I think there’s only one main answer to succeeding at personal development and that is MORE, MORE and MORE…I know I spent about 7 years trying all manner of stuff and made no change at all. only in the last 3 years have I made good progress and that is because I committed to making a change.” – Mark W.

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