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Douglas Eby, M.A./Psychology, is a writer, researcher and online publisher
on the psychology of creative expression and personal growth.

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My books:
DMT3Developing Multiple Talents: The personal side of creative expression.“Part book about creativity, part compendium of useful tidbits, quotations and research, and part annotated bibliography, this is a wildly useful and highly entertaining resource.” – Stephanie S. Tolan, writer and consultant on the gifted.“Packed full of insights and resources for the creative life, this book offers new ways to thrive as a creative person.” – Cynthia Morris, Creativity Coach

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The Creative Mind: Identity and Confidence

The Creative Mind series explores creative talents and creative expression in terms of personal development and psychology. Part One in the series is a focus on identity and confidence: topics that impact how motivated people will be to pursue creative ideas.

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Being Highly Sensitive and Creative

Psychologists and neuroscience researchers are finding more confirmation for this trait of sensory processing sensitivity, present in at least fifteen percent of us, and are defining how it relates to creative ability.

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American Psychological Association [APA] Division Ten – Psychology and the Arts

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See quotes from my article ‘Actors and Addiction’ in the ABC News article
When Really Successful People Crack, Andrea Canning, May 10, 2007
[My quotes are on page 2].

Some articles by Douglas Eby on other sites : Multiple articles available for publication Expert Author

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Multiple articles

Expert profile – multiple articles

Creativity at work site:.Effort and Flow

Cream: The Creative Medium – article: Ego and Creativity

IdeaMarketers.commultiple articles

Perspectives / Mental Help Net – Depression, Women and Creativity book reviews – by Douglas Eby

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Previous credits as writer / interviewer :

Author: creativity columns: interviews with artists, writers, entrepreneurs, psychologists & others;
articles on psychological & social issues related to giftedness, creativity and talent development;
film production articles; interviews with filmmakers: actors, screenwriters, producers, directors & others

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    Partial list of publication credits:

AMC / American Movie Classics:   Susan Sarandon interview

America Online: Gifted Women Forum [approx. 1997-8]

Artist’s Sketchbook: “Throw Caution to the Wind” (Sept. 2002)

BeingZine:  articles on gifted women

Blue Jean Magazine: “A Young Voice in Hollywood – Jena Malone”

Body Mind Spirit : film and video reviews 1998

Business Spirit Journal: “Awareness in the Workplace”

California Therapist: “Bad Seed – Antecedents of Teen Violence” (July/Aug 1990)

Cinefantastique : film production articles – interviews with filmmakers  (1994 to 2000; see listing below)

The Clock – commentary on the Display, HDTV & Vr Industries: “What Venture Capitalists Are Looking For” – interview articles related to visual effects work in film & TV [most articles in VFXPro area]
articles include: “Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box” [IMAX 3D film project]; Imaginary Forces’ work on “Titus”

Creativity at Work online: “Effort and Flow” [teen website]: article on TV series “Get Real”;
interviews: musician Chris Envy; actors: Nicki Aycox; Michelle Williams (“Dawson’s Creek”);
Martin Starr (“Freaks & Geeks”); profiles: musicians Charlotte Church; Shannon Curfman [sponsored by Adobe] :  multiple interviews with website designers

Health Freedom News: cover article: interview with Sally Kirkland

High Performance – Art in the Public Interest:
“Professional Jaywalker: Richard Posner on Crossing from the Studio to Public Art” (Fall 1996)

Hollywood Reporter: Special Issues – Women in Entertainment :
1992: article “A Few More Good Women”  plus interviews with women craft specialists
1993: interviews with studio executives, agents

Investor’s Business Daily: “Leaders & Success”: profiles of film pioneer William Fox; photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt

LA Girl Guide:  interview with Sally Kirkland

LA Village View:  “Women in Film: Identity and Power”

The Medium Webzine  “Ego and Creativity”

MENSA BULLETIN:  “Gifted Women: Identity and Fulfillment”

Moondance: Celebrating Creative Women:   “Ego & Creativity”

MOXIE Magazine:  misc. brief quotes about role models

New Perspectives – A Journal of Conscious Living: [Entertainment Editor]

    Aug/Sep 1996: interview with Sally Kirkland; film/video reviews and book reviews;
interview with Dr. Edgar Mitchell

   Spring, 1997:   cover article: Extraterrestrials and Entertainment; interviews; film reviews;
articles: “Web Thinking”,  “Movies as therapy”.

   Winter, 1998:  article: “Connecting Point” — Positive Talk Radio” ; movie reviews

   Winter, 1999:  articles: “Balancing Ego and Creativity”; “Patch Adams and the Gesundheit Institute”
movie reviews: The Altruists; Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life; Clockwatchers; Wild Man Blues

   Autumn, 1999:  movie reviews: “Pleasantville”; “The Matrix”; “eXistenZ” ; several book reviews

Online Noetic Network   article: “Giftedness and Women”

Perspectives:  “Depression, women, and creativity”

POST:  “Deep Space Nine” — on computer graphics design & technology

PREMIERE Online: interviews with director, and Heather Graham about film “Lost in Space”

Profit Magazine:  interview features with clothing designer Gelila; clothing / home furnishing designer Kathy Ireland

QUAKE: “Cause and Effect”: social projects of young celebrity actors

The Rock – online magazine for writers: “Eccentricity And Creativity”

salonDAarte:  article: “Ego and Creativity”

Science of Mind magazine:
cover profile: Oprah [Jan. 2002]; The Power of Partnership: interview with Riane Eisler [Mar. 2002]

Self-Help Magazine: “Depression, Women and Creativity” website:  Women & Creativity Column

SOMA – Left Coast Culture: interview with Dolph Lundgren

Wench magazine:  interview with Elisa Rothstein

Whole Life Times: interview with Sally Kirkland

WHOOSH (publication of International Association of Xena Studies)   “Women and Violence On Screen”

Women.Com /Women’s Wire: “Assets and Limitations” – about occupational therapist

Women’s InSite: articles: Women and Talent: Identity and Fulfillment; Women and Weapons On Screen; Eccentrics

WORLD – CLASS: (associate editor): interview articles with artists, musicians, creativity consultant

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 Filmmaker interviews by Douglas Eby [mostly for Cinefantastique magazine]  

Allison Anders   Paul Anderson   Rob Bowman   Frank Darabont   Jan De Bont   Ernest Dickerson
David Dryer   Andrew Fleming  Michael Gibson   Michael Hoffman   Tom Holland   Stephen Hopkins
Ron Howard   Sam Irvin   Kenneth Johnson   Mark Jones   Neil Jordan   Jon Kroll  Mimi Leder
Brett Leonard   Scott Levy   Luis Llosa  Bill Malone   Ron Maxwell   Paolo Mazzucato   Andrew Niccol
Amos Poe   Albert Pyun   Rand Ravich   Dempsey Rice   Jay Roach   Chris Roberts   Andy Ruben
Ridley Scott   Leslie Smith   Stephen Sommers   Richard Taylor
Julie Taymor   Caroline Thompson   Ron Underwood   Gus Van Sant  Paul Verhoeven   & others

Gil Adler   Moustapha Akkad   Joan Bradshaw   David Brown   Donna Burkons   Kevin Burns
Chris Carter   Terry Castle   Roger Corman   Sean Daniel   Dino De Laurentiis   Ann Druyan   Linda Dryer
Sara Duvall   Larry Estes   Anne Marie Gillan   Jim Jacks   Tom Jacobson   Larry Kasanoff   Joanna Lee
Sherry McKenna  Marta Mobley   Rebecca Pollack   Elisa Rothstein   Lata Ryan   Nina Sadowsky
Shannon Silverman  Steve Starkey   Doug Wick   Colin Wilson   Richard Zanuck  & others

Diane Frolov   Pierce Gardner   Michael Goldenberg   Akiva Goldsman   Matt Greenberg  Karey Kirkpatrick  Anne Meredith  Craig J. Nevius   Michael Okuda   Mark Protosevich    Andrew Schneider   Alex Simon   Frank Spotnitz
Betsy Stahl   Michael Tolkin   Linda Woolverton   Larry Wilson   Steven Zaillian & others

  visual effects designers:
Mat Beck    Howard Berger   Walt Conti   Charles Gibson  Michael Gibson
Carlos Huante   Daniel Jeannette     Jim Mitchell    Phil Tippett   Alison Savitch  & others

makeup effects designers:  Rick Baker    Robert Hall   Deborah Larsen
production designers: Michael Corenblith   Ed Verreaux
studio executives:        Elizabeth Manne   Ruth Vitale
talent agents:             Joni Evans  Elaine Goldsmith   Susan Smith
cinematographer:     Brianne Murphy

Ginger Lynn Allen   Gillian Anderson   Michael J. Anderson   Starr Andreeff   Adam Arkin   Alison Armitage
Linden Ashby  Nicki Aycox   Christine Baranski   Lee Anne Beaman   Amanda Bearse   Mayim Bialik   Richard Biggs
Tom Braidwood   Neve Campbell   Lacey Chabert   Patricia Clarkson   James Cromwell   Jamie Lee Curtis
William B. Davis   Taye Diggs   David Duchovny   Michael Clarke Duncan   Jodie Foster  Diana Frank   Brendan Fraser
Heather Graham   Max Grodenchik   Dean Haglund   Rodger Halston   Mark Hamill   Adam Hann-Byrd
Melora Hardin   Cristi Harris   Josh Hartnett   Bruce Harwood   Anne Heche   William Hurt
Doug Hutchison  Alex Hyde-White   Famke Janssen   Regina King    Sally Kirkland  Vladimir Kulich
Martin Landau   Ali Larter  Téa Leoni  Emile Levisetti   Bai Ling   Jennifer Lopez   Dolph Lundgren
Jennifer MacDonald   Jena Malone   Kellie Martin   Athena Massey   Malcolm McDowell   Alex Meneses
Terry Moore   Leslie Nielsen   Gary Oldman   Jodi Lyn O’Keefe  Robert O’Reilly   Gretchen Palmer    Scott Patterson
Jada PinkettScott Plank  Sue Price   David Rasche   John Rhys-Davies   Sam Rockwell    Kate Rodger
Mimi Rogers   Sherrie Rose  Jennifer Rubin   Bill Sadler   Susan Sarandon    John Savage   Wendy Schaal
Jocelyn Seagrave   Joan Severance   Melanie Shatner   Tom Skerritt   Talisa Soto   Nancy Stephens   Stella Stevens
Jill St. John   Don Stroud  Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa   Amanda Tapping   Terri Treas   Rachel True
Robin Tunney   Kim Ulrich  Blair Valk   Jon Voight   Doug Wert   Michelle Williams    Bridgette Wilson
Reese Witherspoon   Lea Anne Wolfe   Barbara Alyn Woods   James Woods   Kari Wuhrer   & others

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Additional interviews :

Patch Adams, M.D.  the “Clown Doctor” – a film on his life is in production, starring Robin Williams
Aeone   (pronounced “ay-own”) singer/songwriter: multiple albums; music for “The Mists of Avalon” tv movie etc
Bronwen Aker   web developer; former Planetarium Lecturer at Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles
Andrea Ashworth   author of memoir “Once in a House on Fire”
Lynne Azpeitia – therapist for “multitalented, creative and artistic high-achieving persons”
Paula Caplan   professor of psychiatry; author: “They Say You’re Crazy…”
Pat Devin High Priestess in Covenant of the Goddess, talking about Wicca and movies
Stephen A. Diamond, Ph.D. – forensic psychologist and referral therapist to the Screen Actors Guild
Riane Eisler  author: The Chalice and the Blade; The Power of Partnership
Marie Friedel  Founder &Director, National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children.
Megan Gaiser  president and executive producer of, publisher of girl games
Mary Rodgers Guettel  chairman of the board, the Juilliard School; composer: “Once Upon a Mattress”
Melora Hardinsinger/songwriter; actress
Jean Houston   seminar leader; adviser; 16 books including “A Mythic Life”
Jane Hunt   photographer – on portraiture for actors (e.g daughter Helen) and others
Kathy Ireland  model; actress; apparel and furnishings designer; entrepreneur
Faye Kellerman   novelist: “Jupiter’s Bones” etc
Father Ellwood Kieser    founder: the Humanitas Prize
Viki King  creativity consultant; seminar leader; author
Roxanne Klein  teen entrepreneur: inventor of Sandy Candy
Joan Lauren  photographer; author: “Portraits of Life, With Love”
Jennifer Lehman  film acting teacher and consultant.
Sandra Tsing Loh  writer, humorist, performer and radio program host
Bob Mackie   fashion designer
Dr. Edgar Mitchell   former astronaut; founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences
Marilyn Mosley  Director of the Laurel Springs School (K-12), with many gifted students
Maureen Murdock   therapist; teacher; author of “The Heroine’s Journey”
Pam Nelson    Founder of Girl Press (“Girl Boss: Running the Show Like the Big Chicks” etc)
Kathleen Noble  Professor; editor: “Remarkable Women: Perspectives on Female Talent Development”
Judith Orloff, MD    Psychiatrist; integrates psychic abilities with traditional medicine; author: “Second Sight”.
Susan K. Perry, PhD  author of “Writing In Flow: Keys to Enhanced Creativity”
Ashley Power   teen artist, website entrepreneur
Linda Redford  counselor, educational producer – uses Native American and Western psychology
Mary Rocamora – founder, director: The Rocamora School [awareness training classes for multi-talented adults]
Elisa Rothstein  creator, producer: “Women: Stories of Passion”
Linda Seger   script consultant, seminar leader, author of five books on screenwriting etc.
Annette Revel Sheely    counselor at the Gifted Development Center
Marylou Kelly Streznewski   Author of the book “Gifted Grownups: The Mixed Blessings of Extraordinary Potential”
Stephanie Tolan  co-author: “Guiding the Gifted Child”; novelist; consultant to parents of highly gifted children
Patricia Nell Warren  writer; novelist: “The Front Runner”; “Harlan’s Race” etc.
Corinne Whitaker   digital artist

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> see interviews page for posted selections

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     Contributing editor for two books:

Benjamin Shearer, Barbara Smith Shearer (Editors) Notable Women in the Physical Sciences  “substantive biographical essays on 96 world and American women scientists who have made significant contributions to the physical sciences from antiquity to the present. The essays go beyond basic facts… bringing to life the women’s developmental influences, the obstacles they faced and overcame, and their efforts to contribute in their chosen professions in spite of sometimes overwhelming disapproval by the establishment.”

The Citizen Artist – 20 Years of Art in the Public Arena – interview with artist Richard Posner

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M.A. / Counseling Psychology – with training in CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

Member: American Psychological Association [APA] Division Ten – Psychology and the Arts;
Member [inactive]: Mensa

Residence: Southern California

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