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Psychologists, actors, writers and other artists
on the emotional and psychological aspects
of personal growth and creativity.

By Douglas Eby [except as noted]
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Audio interviews / podcasts  -
Inner Talent Interviews

  Print / text interviews :

Aeone  composer and singer

Bronwen Aker  web developer and instructor ; former Lecturer at Griffith Observatory

Rebecca Alzofon  painter "Creative work doesn't start without stillness."
Andrea Ashworth   author of memoir: "Once in a House on Fire"

She found journal writing as a child was a kind of emotional buffer against the abuse and difficult circumstances she experienced. She thinks the process of writing fiction, on the other hand, is "hugely different. It's a massive challenge, and a luxury, to be free to make it all up."

Hillary Atkin   producer, writer [Writers Guild website, Digital Coast Weekly etc]

Pat Autenrieth  artist who uses quilting as a fine arts medium

Lynne Azpeitia - Supporting creative achievement
"The people I see [as a therapist] are multitalented, creative and artistic high-achieving persons... my job is to help them identify when they are in that fluid and creative state, and help them look at how they got there, and on purpose how to make those things happen."

Milena Canonero  - costume designer: Out of Africa, Titus, The Affair of the Necklace

Meggin Cabot  novelist: "The Princess Diaries"

Paula Caplan, PhD   author: "They Say You're Crazy..."

Hillary Carlip  - on cofounding the Voxxy teen network

Hillary Carlip  - on being a writer, website designer and producer, visual artist, entrepreneur

Kenneth W. Christian, PhD  - psychologist; author of book, "Your Own Worst Enemy: Breaking the Habit of Adult Underachievement"

Pat Devin  High Priestess of Covenant of the Goddess - on making the movie "The Craft"

Stephen A. Diamond, PhD - The psychology of creativity: redeeming our inner demons
"Creativity is one of humankind's healthiest inclinations, one of our greatest attributes. ... Our impulse to be creative can be understood to some degree as the subjective struggle to give form, structure and constructive expression to inner and outer chaos and conflict. It can also be one of the most dynamic methods of meeting and redeeming one's devils and demons."

Carol Muske Dukes   - poet, writer, director of creative writing program at USC.

Painter Amanda Dunbar
“Artists are inherently sensitive and emotional creatures. This is compounded when that artist is in childhood or adolescence. The very characteristics that are needed to create art can make hurtful issues even more difficult to deal with... As I mature, I am becoming more and more grateful for my earlier difficulties and challenges. They give me a clear vision and foundation to stand on in regard to who I am as a person and who I am as an artist.”

Riane Eisler on her book "The Power of Partnership"

Syd Field (author of "Screenplay") by Athena Schultz (The Writers Store)

Jodie Foster   on making her film "Contact"; being a gifted woman etc

Marie Friedel Director, National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children

Megan Gaiser   president and executive producer of Her Interactive: games for girls

Gerri Gribi  musician and women's historian - "There had to be woman-positive songs."

Mary Rodgers Guettel  Chairman of the Board: the Juilliard School

Melora Hardin - singer, songwriter, director, actor

"I think music and art comes out of a place of yearning, a longing for something - you may not even know what.

"But in that, there's a lot of beauty and comfort and peace even in the turmoil of it. It's almost like focused turmoil."
Melora Hardin

Audrey Hope  creator and host of "Reel Women"

Jean Houston  author of 16 books including "A Passion for the Possible"

Jane Hunt   photographer - on portraiture for actors and others

Kathy Ireland  model; clothing and home furnishings designer, entrepreneur

Faye Kellerman   novelist: "Jupiter's Bones" etc

Sonia Keshishian  "Photography is totally about expressing myself from the inside."

Viki King  creativity consultant; author: "How To Write A Movie In 21 Days"

Roxanne Klein   entrepreneur; creator of Sandy Candy: "brightly colored edible sand art."

Joan Lauren  photographer; author of book: "Portraits of Life, With Love"

Lela Lee   cartoonist, filmmaker - creator of "Angry Little Asian Girl" strip

Jennifer Lehman  film acting teacher and consultant.

Sandra Tsing Loh  writer, humorist, radio program host

Eric MaiselEric Maisel, PhD - Psychologist, author and creativity coach  [right]
   1 On his book "Ten Zen Seconds"        2 Investing meaning in our art
   3  Interview with Eric Maisel on meaning and depression, by Janet Riehl

Edgar Mitchell   former astronaut; founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

Marilyn Mosley  Director of the Laurel Springs School (K-12), which enrolls many actors & other gifted students - includes online programs

Helene Muddiman on building identity – inside the "Skin" of a composer
By Cat Robson, Talent Development Resources' Associate Editor.
'The feature film "Skin" (2009) starring Sophie Okonedo, Sam Neil and Alice Krige, follows Sandra Laing, a child of dark skin born to white Afrikaner parents in South Africa in 1955. Helene Muddiman's subtle score, with its hybrid of western and African music, deftly draws us in close, letting the drums and woodwinds of South Africa speak with, not for, the characters.'

Maureen Murdock   therapist; teacher; author of "The Heroine's Journey"

Pam Nelson    Founder: Girl Press ("Girl Boss: Running the Show Like the Big Chicks" etc)

Most of the women I work with who are gifted deny that they are, or are totally embarrassed to admit it. It seems I am always teaching women about the characteristics of giftedness, and asking them to look at themselves: Even if you don't want to admit this out loud because you think it's immodest or because you're embarrassed, at least in your own heart of hearts admit what you're dealing with.

Kathleen Noble, PhD  Professor; editor of book "Remarkable Women..."


Judith Orloff, MD  Psychiatrist who uses psychic abilities; author: "Second Sight"

Paul Pearsall, Ph.D. - interview by Steve Kayser
"I think the ideas and research regarding survival and even resilience over adversity are so dominant in the literature that the idea of “Stress Induced Growth” (SIG) and adversity inspired creativity, beyond mere bouncing back, were a little difficult for many people to accept."

Susan K. Perry, PhD    author of "Writing In Flow: Keys to Enhanced Creativity"

Ashley Power  teen website entrepreneur []

Steven Prigge (author of Created By: Inside the Minds of TV's Top Show Creators) - by Writers Store Staff 

Linda Redford, Founder and President of Honor Kids International
"This philosophy could reduce violence, it could give us a new way of looking at conflict resolution, and could restore honor to Mother Earth. ...  If all we have to offer our children is religion, then we offer them nothing. Nothing but war. ... We need to create a safe world where all life is honored and valuable."

Scott Reiniger - on Co-Active Coaching

Judy Rosener   author: "America's Competitive Secret: Utilizing Women as a Management Strategy"

Nina Sadowsky   producer; partner with Meg Ryan in film company Prufrock Pictures [quoted in column: "Creative collaboration"]

Linda Seger   script consultant, seminar leader, author of five books on screenwriting etc.

Annette Revel Sheely  counselor at the Gifted Development Center

Marylou Kelly Streznewski   Author: "Gifted Grownups: The Mixed Blessings of Extraordinary Potential"

Julie Taymor 

on making "Titus" and her work as a stage & film director

Stephanie Tolan   novelist, consultant; co-author: "Guiding the Gifted Child"

Cynthia Waring  masseuse and artist; book and play: "Bodies Unbound"

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Creativity & Women  columns / interviews
writers, painters, other artists - three examples:

Gerri Gribi - musician and women's historian of "woman-positive songs"

Jane Hunt  on portraiture - "It's that other dimension that really matters." ... Hunt works with actors, including her daughter Helen [photo]

Kathy Ireland on designing clothing and home furnishings
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actor interviewsabout their films [several years ago] & personal and career development

Nicki Aycox

Christine Baranski

Amanda Bearse

Heather Graham

Famke Janssen

Sally Kirkland

Tea Leoni

Dolph Lundgren

Jena Malone

Athena Massey

Leslie Nielsen

Jada Pinkett

Susan Sarandon

Stella Stevens

Amanda Tapping

Rachel True

Robin Tunney

Michelle Williams

Bridgette Wilson

Reese Witherspoon

Kari Wuhrer

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  more filmmakers / visual artists :

Michael Gibson   digital visual effects designer/director

Anne Meredith  screenwriter: "Bastard Out of Carolina"; "Losing Chase"

Andrew Niccol  writer/director: "Gattaca"

Dempsey Rice   documentary filmmaker: "Daughter of Suicide"

Elisa Rothstein:  creator, producer of TV series "Women: Stories of Passion"

Leslie Smith   commercials director

Caroline Thompson - on directing "Buddy"

Caroline Thompson - on making "Snow White: The Fairest of Them All"

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