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Judith Orloff, MD

interview by Douglas Eby..

At an early age, Judith Orloff realized she had intuitive capacities, and is now integrating these talents with traditional medicine. An assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA, she also has a private practice and leads workshops on intuitive ability and healing.
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"When I was a child, my family did not encourage me to develop my psychic abilities," Dr. Orloff notes. "In fact, I was discouraged. But then as a teenager, I met Dr. Thelma Moss at UCLA and she tested my abilities, and gave me a lot of validation for them, and invited me to come work as a psychic and a research assistant in her lab. 

"So that's when I really had the first validation of my abilities. I had a dream when I was working with her that told me to get an M.D., to go to medical school so I would have the credentials to help legitimize the psychic world, and it's on the basis of that dream that I re-enrolled in school. And the dream is what propelled me through fourteen years of medical training. 

"In school there was nobody who encouraged me in this area, and I strayed very far from the whole psychic realm, and became skeptical about it. But since 1983 I've incorporated it into traditional medicine. My book is about how I incorporate my psychic abilities into my practice. 

One chapter is on dreams, and how to utilize dreams in everyday life. "That's the clearest psychic channel I have, are my dreams," says Dr. Orloff. "I have very specific ways I divide the chapter up: into psychological dreams, guidance dreams, clairvoyant dreams, healing dreams. And there are specific things to look for under each category." 

She finds that, in general, within the mental health community, "psychic ability is not accepted at all. In traditional psychiatry, it's either looked at as a sign of psychosis, or else as sham. But I work with many clients I would consider gifted, and I teach people, each of my clients, to develop their own psychic ability, as part of how I do therapy. 

"Psychic ability can be used for life enhancement. My whole life is directed according to my psychic perceptions; every day I make decisions based on information I get psychically. 

"I definitely agree with a quote of Jean Houston when she says, 'I think a lot of giftedness, though by no means all, has to do with having a broader palette of perceptual capacity, being highly sensitive to all the senses.' 

"But I think it goes beyond the senses, as we know it. It's our ability to intuit the mystery. And it's through our capacity to intuit the mystery that we know cosmic truths about ourselves. 

"And it's exactly the same thing as creativity. The psychic forces or the creative forces come through in exactly the same way, in that you have to be open and receptive to them if they come through, rather than effort or force anything. So it's a whole different way of perceiving than is simply through the analytic mind. 

"But I use both. We don't have to split off a part of ourselves at the expense of another; we can be everything. I believe very strongly we don't have to compartmentalize our gifts." 

Referring to gifted women, Dr. Orloff thinks they have to "learn to work with their fears. There are a lot of fears about this whole psychic realm, and each fear has to be dealt with, one by one, and demystified, so the fears don't haunt, and people can see more clearly into the psychic realm, which to me is intimately connected with spirituality. 

"And it's the safest place you can ever go, but you have to work through your own fears, and get ready to see how capable you are, and really begin to believe in yourself in a way that supersedes any previous beliefs. 

"I tune in psychically every time I work with someone, and I encourage them to tune in also, and I bring a spiritual sensibility to the work, always keeping in mind that true healing occurs when you connect with the greater spirit all around us and within us. 

"It's important to be able to connect with that force, to feel whole and good and right about yourself. Whatever a person's inclination is toward finding their spiritual power, as long as it's palpable and real for them, and works, then I support it. 

"I think the attitude is evolving in society. I was speaking at a New Age Journal conference last week, and 750 people came to my workshop on how to develop psychic ability, so there's an extreme openness now. And I have over 2000 people on my waiting list for my private practice now, which is a signal there is such a need among people to be seen in this way, and for therapists to expand and grow to meet the needs of people. 

"Psychic ability goes hand in hand with all exceptional ability. And it absolutely can be developed. I give workshops all the time on this." 

She says one of the fears that many women have is that by revealing themselves too much, "they'll be thought of as crazy. I wrote an article for McCall's Magazine [March, 1997], and I got thousands of letters in reply. Many of them said the same thing, that they were afraid to express themselves because of what people would think. That's really sad to me. 

"What I try to do with my clients is provide a safe forum for them to express themselves, and I support them in finding groups of people who are supportive of spiritual and psychic growth. It makes all the difference in the world to have a support circle around you. 

"Another thing I would say to women to encourage their talents is to start meditating, quiet their minds, be open to the mystery and the silence. It's very learnable, you just have to start out slow, even with a minute or two a day. You have to do it, though, if you want to be psychic. You have to find that quiet place within, no matter what it takes."

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Judith Orloff site

...books by Judith Orloff, MD.:

Positive Energy : 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear into Vibrance, Strength & Love   

Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing

[excerpt:] "The intuitive messages you receive can be life-changing. Please listen. Only good can come. Even so, I know how easy it is to fixate on what you're already pursuing, what you've come to feel is right for you. I have this struggle all the time. I'm asking you simply to allow for other possibilities, as I've learned to do."

The Power of Intuition [audio]

Second Sight

Dr. Orloff recounts her "journey to become whole" by first accepting and then embracing her extraordinary intuitive abilities. 

She tells of her childhood fear of her abilities, of her parents' efforts to ignore and even deny them, and of her slow awakening to the understanding that her intuition is truly a gift. [summary from author site]

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