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Audrey Hope

interview by Douglas Eby

Like many of us, Audrey feels this is a significant period of history, coming into the new millennium. She notes that a friend of hers, a "master numerologist", says the number two, as in 2000, refers to women and female, and that "we're coming into this cycle of feminine power." As creator and host of the interview program "Reel Women" (broadcast on the Wisdom Network) Audrey interviews many leaders.

One recent guest was Becky Loving, who wrote the book "Feminine Law." "That's what she teaches", Audrey says. "One of women's problems is that they follow the patriarchal system of doing things, and they're women, so that's why they get hung up. Men are always sort of on a ladder: one step, get higher, higher. Women function in a circle; they're cyclical. So that's one thing. And a patriarchal system is a system of perfection, and women never feel quite good enough, so they're always putting themselves down. When they learn to function within a feminine law, the laws of femininity, they can be kinder to themselves, and function in their own power."

Thinking about our topic of creativity, Audrey says "I think everything has to do with women and self-esteem, and finding women's power. Let's label it the feminine in all of us, which I think is going to save all of us. Learning how to access the feminine power, love and compassion. And also women honoring their true power, their innate feminine wisdom, which is so taken down by the media, and also the way women are told to age. After a certain point, women are called useless. I just interviewed Joan Borysenko, who wrote "The Woman's Book of Life." We are in a time period when we can scientifically prove a lot of these spiritual concepts.

"Joan is saying women actually do get better as they age. There are certain periods in the menstrual cycle where they get really wise. The men used to put them in Moon Huts, because they were so afraid of them. But what happens when you lose your menstrual cycle, you're actually wise all the time. There's a part of the brain that opens up intuitively, and you're like that all the time. So we've been taught wrong. We've been taught that women have to go get plastic surgery, she has to be constantly young -- and that's cutting off her power. Women can grow into their age, and be proud of it.

"As far as creativity, I started "Reel Women" way back, six years ago, talking about women in media, and how it damaged us. Through the years, the show has come into women's spirituality." The program with Joan Borysenko was titled "Honoring the Sacred Gifts of Womanhood" and Audrey notes one of the topics was that "women get more male hormones as they age, and men get more of the female.

So women become more action-oriented as they age, and more able to go out into the world and show their creativity. And they feel more towards the world, and they do more for nonprofits, and other things." She returns to the idea of gaining more access to wisdom with age: "And yet the whole society makes women feel bad, and says Don't tell your true age. Even women just over thirty. It's so obscene. And we know it's so different with men. And it's so unfair. I think it's a way to keep women down. I mean, look at Susan Sarandon, look at all these great women that look so beautiful and are doing so much. Definitely there are changes going on, and that's good."

Audrey has been part of a women's circle group led by a producer, with a number of other women in the film business, and she notes "We got so much from being with each other. There wasn't a lot of ego, and we exchanged so much, and we've all been in touch, and there was a lot of passing each other's stuff around for others to read. It was wonderful."

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