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Stella Stevens  

"It has nothing to do with age; it has to do with personality,
with a derring-do attitude.."

Known for her acting (including her feisty bar keeper character on "General Hospital"), Stella Stevens also has other creative ventures: A line of colognes called Sexy Fragrances and a new novel, "Razzle Dazzle." Her comment above refers to an email from a woman "who said she appreciated me because I proved that older women can do stuff. I have proven that a somewhat underprivileged person, who was a battered housewife and got out of that, has started with nothing and ended up with a darn good career. And I'm still going. But it has nothing to do with my age."

Getting her fragrance venture going has also been a matter of her "derring-do" approach, she says, and it has been emotionally rewarding, "Because once you get a product in hand that smells good and that people like, you have put it together. I also produced a movie, but that's an effort of a huge team. This I've done on my own, so I'm quite proud to have stuck it out through all the ups and downs."

Stevens notes the idea for her line of fragrances (available in stores and at her website www.stellastevens.com) came from her work. "The sense of scent is one of our most powerful animal attractions and repellents. When I got old enough to be thought of as a lady and to be working as an actress, I found that each particular character I played had a very individual scent of her own, which helped me stay in character, feel like thatcharacter, be and act like that character. It's not like Dumbo's feather, but it is as important as costume to me. Sometimes I was naked, but I smelled good," she adds with a laugh.

"My friend for over 25 years was Max Factor Jr., who used to do the fragrances for the Max Factor company, and we had many lengthy conversations about it. After he passed away, I thought, well, it's something I've studied for 25 years or more. I'm going to try my hand at it. Then it became like 'The Little Red Hen.' You have to plant the seed, you have to grow the crop, you have to thresh the wheat and then make the bread. No one will help you do anything, but it you do it, and it's successful, then people will want to join in."

Stella acknowledges that both Sexy Fragrances and her novel have been collaborations. She also says that with credits as actress, screenwriter, producer and director, she takes pleasure in all of these creative expressions. "And I believe that has been my salvation. People say you do have longevity, you're a survivor, and I thank them for that because I think it's a very meaningful word. After I turned 30, I was almost shut out of the industry, but I just refused to quit. And I do think my own physical involvement as an actor is the most fulfilling to me. "I love directing, but I don't think I'm going to have a career as a director. It's just too hard. And I'd really like it if somebody said they'd want to produce [my novel], and I'd like to be a part of the team. But it would be a big movie or mini-series, because it takes place in three decades." Writing the book (with novelist William Hegner) was, she says, "very satisfying. Although I have written other things, I had never had a published book. And this is a novel. "It's not a kiss-and-tell-all book, which is not my style. One thing about men I've broken up with is that I've always remained good friends with them because I never tattled about anybody, and I think that's good."

Stevens raises Quarter Horses, has enjoyed riding, tennis and golf to maintain her fitness, and is enthusiastic about Pilates (pil-AH-teez). "For years and years I did yoga, but with this, I have a little bit of conversation with my trainer and with the people who work out with me, and I'm finding that social quality of being able to see a few friends helps me, and I'm more dedicated. I get up and I want to go work out. It has really fueled the fire because people tell me how good I look from it. "Pilates is like a combination of yoga and isometrics. It gives you the same stretches, but it gives you extra weight to work with, so you don't have to do so many sets. If people can't use the name Pilates, they call it The Reformer, and it does reform your body. It slims it, and takes out the bumps and bubbles and cellulite and stuff like that, and it actually gets you into streamlined good shape."

Agreeing that working out helps creative work, Stevens adds, "I believe that anything one does to improve discipline is good. An actor's biggest challenge -- one that so many brilliant actors don't have and kind of lose their way in their careers about -- is discipline.In that discipline, the clarity of characters you study and try to perform come out."

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