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Viki King

interview by Douglas Eby

Viki King is the author of "How To Write A Movie In 21 Days - The Inner Movie Method"; the creator of a series of tapes on issues of health, grief and money, and a workshop leader. From her Malibu home she consults a wide range of clients, helping them work out blocks in creativity, and challenges with relationships and other issues.

          ~ ~ ~

"Confusion about love in one's life, or problems with creative expression, physical sickness are all metaphors, King says. "The same thing manifests in the body as people's careers. 

"A lot of my clients are taking their creative work, such as scripts, into the marketplace, and they don't know why they're not selling. We can look at where the block is in their body, or what happened with their relationship with their father when they were three years old, for example. And it all interconnects in such a way that when you release the blockages in one area of your life, your whole life flows better.

"I present a Goddess Seminar, and I find that women are emerging, women are telling their story, and that is very exciting. There's a new way of creating in the world. I was just talking to a man who is very driven in his work in the stock market, and he said success is all a matter of will, and I said, no, I think it's all a matter of belief. 

"We talked about the image of sandpipers on the beach: they run up, get all the delicious food in the sand, then run back - and their feet never get wet. They're always in harmony, and in rhythm with the ebb and flow of the ocean. And what's happening with women now is they are bringing to the party of life the concept of that ebb and flow with natural law. There's no willfulness around it. Willfulness is masculine energy, which this society has been built on, but it is not the natural way.

"What I'm finding more and more, for example working with goddesses in these seminars, is "Ladies, start your engines" - recognize your own intrinsic natures and your powers of how you manifest in this world, rather than looking to see, "Oh this doesn't work" and "Oh, I need persistence" and "I don't have" and "I'm in lack" - all of these thoughts fulfill the prophecy; they keep you in lack. If you were to look and say "I am powerful" and "I am in harmony with nature" then all things manifest, because it's natural law. The sun comes up, the sun goes down. Don't fight it, girls.

"Women do postpone the novel or other creative projects they want to do, deferring to others' needs and wishes. But you must quit the job that nobody asked you to do. Within the family what happens is mothers make themselves and the rest of the family miserable because they feel they are obliged to be other-directed. Nobody wants it, and nobody's happy about you doing it, and you're screaming at the kids because you're not doing your novel, and it's not their fault. 

"It's not a matter of confusion of intention; certainly you love your loved-ones. But you're using them to mess with your quietude: you feel, 'Oh, I can't even think in this household, so how can I start my novel. The point is, there is a centering you need to get to before you feel you can address doing your creative expression, and the way you do that is realize you're not going to clear away the ten thousand things. 

"If you wait until your children graduate, then wait until the grandchildren are gone, you're going to be dead. A friend of mine who has eight children once said to me, 'You know, I'm never going to be organized' - and in that, she is completely organized, because she let it go. She can sit in the middle of all the kids climbing all over, in the eye of the hurricane, and be completely centered.

"And that's what you need to do. You don't finish the ten thousand things on the list, and then get to you, who is ten thousand and one; what you want to do is make a practice of what centering and what quietude really is. And quietude is actually flowing with the flow - back to the sandpiper again. He's not frantic, running back and forth; he's rhythmic with the flow. 

"With children, you'll also see that: there's the up and frantic time, and if you fight that, you know you're nuts. If you flow with that, it all flows very nicely. And a child can actually give you a much more solid rhythm than an active adult, trying to take care of everything. A kid will finally fall asleep on the floor and have a nap, where an adult will constantly want to keep motoring through it all.

"An exercise to try, when you're feeling the most out of touch, the most frantic in trying to be a parent, trying to have high intention of being with loved-ones, is to "write" the word "peace" across your forehead. This is an enormously effective exercise. You may just get the letter "p" out and then take a breath, then while you're picking up the toys, get the "e" out, and put everything in the refrigerator, and so on. Pretty soon you'll see you do have peace, you own it, it belongs to you from your head down.

"So don't worry about completing the ten thousand things before you go to the oasis of your creative expression. And I'm not saying lock yourself in the bathroom; that's the escape route that you must have. But when you do your creative expression, do it with the children, sitting on the floor. If they're coloring, you can do your painting. If they want a story, start telling them about your novel. Kids are so terrific about structure in stories. If you make any kind of big hole in the structure, they'll ask you about it; they're really terrific about that.

"Every issue that manifests in your life, if it's money, career problems, if it's weight - they are all an issue of love. And often women have the challenge of wanting to do get all the other categories correct, before they look at their love wish. The secret is to go directly to the love. You'll say, 'Oh, I have to do my housework before I can have the chocolate cake' or 'I don't feel like getting up to to this job I don't like, but it's going to get me the job I do like' - No. No, no, no. 

"Never go to the level of not-love, to the level of sacrifice, of shortchanging yourself of the very thing your intuition is saying you desire. Always go to what fulfills you and what feels good, and you'll be amazed. You may fear you'll want to eat the entire chocolate cake; go ahead, because that will be the last whole chocolate cake you will ever eat. 

"But if you hold yourself from that loving desire, you will have that temptation the rest of your life. And you'll have fat thighs also."

**book: *

   Viki King.  How To Write A Movie In 21 Days: The Inner Movie Method 

    Viki King  website

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