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For depression relief :

Research Grade St. John's Wort
from HBC Protocols

also for depression: see SAM-e below


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Insider Health Information

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Cognitex with Pregnenolone & NeuroProtection Complex

Protecting brain health is vital if the pursuit of a longer life is to have any meaning. According to current wisdom, some degree of cognitive impairment is all but inevitable as we age.

That is, unless steps are taken to prevent it.

The ideal strategy for preserving brain function begins with preventing factors that may contribute to cognitive decline.

Good nutrition—including dietary supplements— and a healthy lifestyle are key. As a first step toward ensuring brain health, keep your blood pressure and weight in check.

However, there is much more that can and should be done to protect the aging brain. Nutritional support is of paramount importance.

Enhance Cognitive Function* - Life Extension

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Idebenone enhances brain levels of serotonin while increasing brain levels of nerve growth factor. 

A CoQ10 analogue, Idebenone has been shown via numerous Alzheimer's studies to increase the right left hemispherical information transmission while protecting your brain from free radical damage.

Cognition enhancement -- Human and animal studies have demonstrated that Idebenone can enhance serotonin production, even under far less than optimal conditions...

Idebenone has been shown to enhance general cerebral metabolism...

> available from HBC Protocols

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Order Supplements Now at AllStarHealth

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Native Remedies

"The Psychologist's Natural Choice" - offering a range of natural and homeopathic remedies."

a combination herbal/homeopathic remedy especially formulated to treat the symptoms of insomnia, especially sleep onset insomnia (difficulty falling asleep) and to assist in the treatment of chronic insomnia.

Pure Calm - combines the soothing properties of Melissa Officinalis, with those of Lavender
and Passiflora Incarnata - for relief from anxiety, stress, irritability and nervous tension.

also available : Focus ADDult [for Adult ADD] - and other products

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articles from Native Remedies :

Anxiety Symptoms and Treatment: Finding the Best Anxiety Treatment Program for You
Many people feel anxious at some point in their lives, such as before an important exam or when called upon to speak in public. Anxiousness is a normal reaction to stressful events, but if anxiousness becomes chronic and excessive, it may be the sign of an anxiety disorder.

Medication for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Alternative Anxiety Disorder Treatments
Generalized Anxiety Disorder usually includes subtler symptoms, such as excessive worry about things like work, family, health or money, and can be accompanied by physical symptoms that include muscle twitching, headaches, sweating, or gastrointestinal trouble.... Many who experience this can begin to feel frustrated and helpless, but there are a variety of successful treatments.... It can often also be beneficial to explore alternative anxiety disorder treatments like herbal medications.

Treating Depression and Anxiety the Natural Way
Prescription Anti-Depressants, Tranquillizers and Sleeping Tablets are regularly prescribed by doctors to treat anything from bereavement to postnatal depression. Many times, however, prescription drugs are the first line of treatment and this often becomes an obstacle in the patient's road to health and empowerment. The good news is that there are usually many healthier alternatives which really work well.

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items from nutraceutical company PhysicianFormulas
[via] -

formulated by Ray Sahelian, M.D [right]. - author of books Mind Boosters: A Guide to Natural Supplements that Enhance Your Mind, Memory, and Mood and Bottom Line's Mind Boosting Secrets!

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Mind Power Rx - combines a delicate balance of brain circulation agents and neurotransmitter precursors with natural brain chemicals

Tryptophan - an essential amino acid.. converts into 5-HTP (5-hydroxy-tryptophan), and then to serotonin. Serotonin is involved in mood, appetite, sleep and behavior.

Kava - Having talked to quite a number of kava users, recommended it to patients, and having taken it myself, I have discovered that not everyone reacts exactly the same way to this herb.

This is due to the fact that each one of us has a different biochemistry. ... As a rule, the following are some common feelings that most users report after taking kava kava:

A state of relaxation, without feeling drugged
Muscle tenseness is less
Peacefulness and contentment
More sociable, especially with the right company
Mild euphoria, sometimes
Initial alertness followed by drowsiness after a few hours

> from article by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

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MegaH™ antioxidant - consists of tiny molecular cages, five nanometers in diameter, made from a silica-mineral hydride complex with embedded H- ions.

Once inside the body, it releases H- ions that are the most powerful known antioxidants; increases ATP production (energy); and reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation... scavenges free radicals, including hydroxyl, peroxide, superoxide and singlet oxygen radical species. ... increases internal cellular energy (ATP and NADH) and metabolic activity.

Crystal Energy - Remove heavy metal toxins -- Mercury, lead, cadmium, PCBs... the list of toxins in our environment is staggering.

Most doctors do not offer any safe ways to pull these toxins out of your system (called "chelation").

However, for the past decade millions of customers around the world have known that Dr. Patrick Flanagan's patented product Crystal Energy will pull these toxic metals out of your system.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan has been a featured guest on The Aware Show on KPFK

see article: Hydration and Water Research - by Phi Sciences

site:  Phi Sciences

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Kava Kava

The South Pacific herb, Kava Kava, is a best-seller -- ranking ninth in retail U.S. sales in mainstream markets in 2000 -- based on its proven ability to relieve stress, anxiety and tension.

Recently kava has come under the scrutiny of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is acting on reports from Europe that kava may damage the liver. ...

We must be aware that herbs are potent medicines, to be treated with the appropriate respect regarding potential interactions and toxicity, including to the liver.

On the other hand, kava's margin of safety far surpasses that of it's pharmaceutical equivalent.

Nothing would be gained by previously satisfied consumers of kava, out of fear of these potential side effects, switching to a more toxic prescription medication, such as a benzodiazepine, in the mistaken belief that they were making a safer choice.

> from article Kava: Is It Safe? - by Hyla Cass M.D. - author of book Natural Highs: Supplements, Nutrition, and Mind-Body Techniques to Help You Feel Good All the Time

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"I've taken KavaKava periodically with great success as a way of dispelling stage fright before a big performance."
> from posting on yahoo group HSPBOOK - discussion list for the book The Highly Sensitive Person

> Kava is available from HBC Protocols and Amazon

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BrainQUICKEN is a lab-tested performance product scientifically engineered to quickly increase the speed of neural transmission and information processing (perceptual focus, memory storage, and recall), with a prolonged effect of 2-6 hours following each dosage.

Clinically Supported Science -- Used by Students at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Oxford and by 17 World Champions

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SAM-e / SAMe

"As far as natural treatments for depression are concerned, one of the most effective I know is aerobic exercise – 30 minutes five times per week should yield results within a few weeks.

Others, such as St. John’s Wort and SAM-e can help relieve mild to moderate depression. To ease anxiety, give up coffee and other forms of caffeine, and try breathing exercises for relaxation."

Andrew Weil, M.D.

Classified as a prescription drug in Germany, Russia, Italy, and Spain, SAMe [s-adenosylmethionine] has been the subject of studies on depression at Harvard Medical School, the University of California, and King’s College Hospital in London.

What these studies have shown is that SAMe influences brain chemicals by helping to convert the feel-good neurotransmitters norepinephrine into epinephrine, and serotonin into melatonin.

> description from HBC Protocols - which sells SAMe - and has online reports about SAMe research and usability

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SAM-e products from

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HBC Protocols

"science-based solutions to emotional health, depression, and aging concerns... to support higher levels of awareness, satisfaction, and intensification of the human experience."

HBC has research-grade formulations including :
Hypericum Perforatum / St. Johns Wort, Lithium Orotate, SAMe. 7 Keto DHEA, 5 HTP...

> related articles: Evidence supports St. John's wort
"The bulk of evidence from ongoing studies suggests that the age-old remedy is a reliable mood elevator for people with mild to moderate depression.Elena Conis, Los Angeles Times Health section, Mar 7, 2005

> More articles:

Lorraine Bracco talks about her depression & 'The Sopranos'

Omega-3 Fatty Acids & Bipolar Disorder

Physical activity may protect against the development of depression

Historical St. John's Wort Applications
The historical use of medical St. John's wort is well documented. Over time, and the advent of modern pharmaceutical science, St. John's Wort was nearly forgotten as a medicinal herb. Only recently has St. John's Wort gained a renewed reputation as an effective treatment for all manner of infirmities most notably depression. Its complex and diverse chemical makeup has also shown to support depression related infirmities such as chronic fatigue syndrome, and pms.

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products by Gary Null -
nationally syndicated talk show host & producer of PBS specials.. he has conducted over a hundred major investigations and has produced numerous documentaries in which he encourages his viewers to take charge of their lives and health....
[from his site]

Gary Null's Super Antioxidant Capsules
There is a group of superstar vitamins, minerals and enzymes, called antioxidants, that protect the body from the destructive actions of free radicals.

Gary's Green Stuff - the product of the low temperature dehydration of green chlorophyll-rich foods that are also sources of phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, amino acids, anti-oxidants and trace minerals.

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books by Gary Null :

Power Aging   //   Women's Health Solutions

Food-Mood-Body Connection

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Omega oils are essential fatty acids (EFAs). EFAs are "good fats." They are vital in maintaining physical AND mental health. These polyunsaturated fats are involved in developing and maintaining the cells, the nerves, immune functions, energy production, inflammatory responses, and even mood.

With its higher dose of EPA [one of the essential fatty acids], I find this formula - Ultimate Omega EPA - especially helpful in maintaining my freedom from anxiety. ... Some experts estimate that Americans consume less than 15% of the amount of omega-3 needed for optimal functioning!

Deanne Repich, Director of National Institute of Anxiety & Stress, Inc.

Available from : omega oils

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Wally, I've noticed that you seem bloated and lethargic. I prescribe these pills. They come highly recommended.

I know they're safe because I bought them on the internet.

> from an episode of "Dilbert" comic by Scott Adams - image of Wally from his book It's Not Funny If I Have to Explain It

The material on this page is provided without implying any endorsement, and is not intended as a substitute for professional health advice.

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Hyla Cass, M.D. and Patrick Holford. Natural Highs
There are potent natural substances -- herbs, amino acids, nutritional supplements and foods -- that can significantly elevate mood, tame stress, and repair memory in ways that work in harmony with your body's own chemistry. This book presents everything from simple solutions to more comprehensive programs (such as those to overcome addictions) combining supplements and mind-body techniques... [quotes from]

Ronald Klatz. The New Anti-Aging Revolution
Reviewer: Joburgpete "irridium" (Johannesburg) - This contains the latest research results plus more information on cutting edge supplements and other longevity factors.
Chapter One - various theories of aging and the top 10 biological processes in the human body that decline with aging.
Chapter Two explores hormone therapy in longevity with a look at natural hormones like HGH, DHEA, Melatonin, Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone and Thyroid Hormone.
Chapter Three: Longevity and Nutrition, investigates the role of vitamins and their co-factors, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients like green tea, griffonia seed, tea tree oil, essential fatty acids, saw palmetto, bilberry, echinacea, cayenne, ginkgo, ginseng, bee products, colostrum, soy isoflavones and polyphenols.
Chapter Four deals with lifestyle factors such as diet, detoxification, exercise and sleep..anti-stress tips.
Chapter Five includes a longevity test and supplies the personal longevity programs of the pioneers of anti-aging medicine, including their personal supplement regimes, diets and exercise programs.
There is also a chapter on biotech human enhancement/augmentation. This cutting edge book on living a longer and healthier life concludes with a glossary, a list of anti-aging resources, info on the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, a bibliography and an index. It is a detailed and extensive guide to living a longer and healthier life.

Gary Null. Power Aging   //  Women's Health Solutions   //  Food-Mood-Body Connection

Ray Sahelian, M.D. Mind Boosters: A Guide to Natural Supplements that Enhance Your Mind, Memory, and Mood

Ray Sahelian, M.D. Bottom Line's Mind Boosting Secrets!

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