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Talent Development Resources
Information and inspiration to enhance creative expression & personal growth.

Website – you are here. This is my main site.

Facebook page    http://facebook.com/TalentDevelop

Scoop.it / Developing Creativity – follow link to see my other Scoop.it curation channels.

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The Creative Mind – My Psych Central site column and related site:

Column with a couple of years of weekly posts: blogs.psychcentral.com/creative-mind

Site with selected posts, plus additional resources: thecreativemind.net

Facebook www.facebook.com/TheCreativeMind.column

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Newsletter with material from the various sites:

Developing Creativity

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The Inner Entrepreneur
Resources and inspiration for creative entrepreneurs.

Site  http://theinnerentrepreneur.com

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/TheInnerEntrepreneur

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Anxiety Relief Solutions
Natural self-help products, programs and articles to relieve panic, anxiety, phobias, stress.

Site  http://anxietyreliefsolutions.com

Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/AnxietyReliefSolutions

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Personal Growth Information – books, articles, programs and other resources.

Site  http://personalgrowthinformation.com

Facebook: Personal Change and Health  https://www.facebook.com/PersonalGrowthInfo

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High Ability
The experience of being multi-talented, with exceptional abilities.

Site http://highability.org

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/HighAbility


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Highly Sensitive
The experience of being a creative and highly sensitive person

Site http://highlysensitive.org

Facebook http://facebook.com/HighlySensitive


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Depression and Creativity

Developing Multiple Talents – site for one of my books

The Inner Actor

The Inner Writer

Meaning and Purpose

Women and Talent

Enhancing Creativity videos on YouTube

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