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Art and being heard

Being bold

Courage and creativity

Creating to be authentic, not perfect

Creative collaboration

Creativity and Depression

Creativity and maturity

Divergent thinking

Fear and creativity

Feeling like an impostor

Goddesses and creativity


Spirituality and creativity

Taking risks

Telling stories on film

Telling truth - planting seeds

Women film directors

Women in architecture

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**interviews :
The Cake Divas  elaborate cake designs by Leigh Grode and Joan Spitler
Aeone   composer/singer 
Rebecca Alzofon  painter - "Creative work doesn't start without stillness."
Andrea Ashworth  author of memoir "Once in a House on Fire"
Hillary Atkin   producer, writer [Writers Guild website, Digital Coast Weekly etc]
Pat Autenrieth  mixed media artist using photography, computer, silkscreen, rubbings, rubber stamps, drawing, painting, collage, embroidery, applique, photo dye and quilting.
Meggin Cabot   - novelist: "The Princess Diaries"
Milena Canonero  - costume designer: Out of Africa, Titus, The Affair of the Necklace
Hillary Carlip  - writer, website designer and producer, visual artist, entrepreneur
Carol Muske Dukes   - poet, writer, director of creative writing program at USC.
Megan Gaiser   president and executive producer of Her Interactive: games for girls
Gerri Gribi  musician and women's historian of "woman-positive songs"
Jane Hunt  on portraiture - "It's that other dimension that really matters." ... Hunt works with a number of actors, including her daughter Helen [left]
Kathy Ireland on designing clothing and home furnishings
Faye Kellerman   novelist: "Jupiter's Bones" and many others 
Sonia Keshishian  "Photography is about expressing myself from the inside."
Viki King  creativity consultant, filmmaking book author
Roxanne Klein   entrepreneur; creator of Sandy Candy "edible sand art"
Lela Lee   cartoonist, filmmaker - creator of "Angry Little Asian Girl" strip
Marilyn Mosley  Director of the Laurel Springs School (K-12), with many actors & other gifted students
Kathleen Noble  Director of Early Entrance Program, Univ of Washington; therapist, writer on gifted women
Susan Perry, PhD, on her book "Writing In Flow: Keys to Enhanced Creativity."
Ashley Power  teen website entrepreneur
Dempsey Rice   documentary filmmaker: "Daughter of Suicide"****
Elisa Rothstein: creator, producer of TV series "Women: Stories of Passion"
Linda Seger  script consultant; author of multiple books including When Women Call the Shots: The Developing Power and Influence of Women in Television and Film
April Smith on writing for film/tv
Sarah Stavrou - vintage pillow designer: her company name is Sarafine
Stella Stevens on creative ventures including a line of colognes and a novel, "Razzle Dazzle."
Marylou Kelly Streznewski   author: Gifted Grownups: The Mixed Blessings of Extraordinary Potential
Julie Taymor   on directing her film "Titus"

Also see additional interview
Caroline Thompson on making "Snow White: The Fairest of Them All" 
Patricia Nell Warren  writer; novelist: "The Front Runner"; "Harlan's Race" etc.
Katherine West   "Writing is like painting with words."

Corinne Whitaker - digital artist

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